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On this edition of the Hospital Podcast, London Elektricity is joined for a quick chat by Fred V & Grafix whilst he showcases tracks from their debut album, as well as new music from S.P.Y, Reso, Electrosoulsystem and more…

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Fred V & Grafix feat. Tudor ‘Shine’
Fred V & Grafix feat. Etherwood ‘Forest Fires’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Hydra’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Maverick Souls’
Electrosoulsystem ‘Flawless’
S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne ‘Dusty Fingers’
Logistics ‘Together’
S.P.Y feat. Total Science and Grimm ‘Cold Harsh Air’
2nd City ‘I wanna feel (Brookes Brothers remix)’
Knarestand ‘My Escape (Nymfo remix)’
Reso ‘Devastator’
Kije ‘Coming For You’
Loadstar ‘Stepped Outside’
Maldini ‘Icarus’
Reso ‘Break ‘Em’
Fred V & Grafix ‘Recognise’
S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne ‘Back to basics’
Royalston ‘Kronos’
Frederic Robinson ‘Vamp Til Ready’
Get upfront drum and bass on your mp3 player, hosted by Mr Hospital himself, London Elektricity.

Expect upfront interviews, live features from Hospitality and L.E on the road, dubs straight out of Tony's box, and all the latest news from the Label!

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Latest Radio Show:

Ahead of the release of their debut album ‘Recognise’, Fred V & Grafix supply a very special guest mix for this month’s show. On top of this, expect new cuts from S.P.Y, Reso, Jakwob and Calibre + more of our usual wide selection of drum & bass music… The show is archived for 4 weeks on the Rinse FM website.

March 2014 – Hospital Radio
Hospital Radio with Chris Goss & Tomahawk.

Reso ‘Sprite City’ [Hospital]
Frankee ‘Away’ [RAM]
Neuropol feat. Marlene Abuah ‘Warning’ [SGN:LTD]
Junior Jack ‘Thrill Me (Lynx)’
PRTCL ‘Surface Noise’ [Flex Out Audio]
Reso ‘Unexist’ [Hospital]
Fred V & Grafix ‘Major Happy’ [Hospital]

Fred V & Grafix guest mix

Fred V & Grafix – Better Times Are Coming (Feat. Josie) [Hospital]
Shimah – Electrostep [Playaz]
Kove – Melisma [MTA]
Total Science & S.P.Y – Legion [Metalheadz]
Spor – Halogen [Lifted]
Break – Between the Lines (Feat. SP:MC) [Symmetry]
Kove – Searching [MTA]
Fred V & Grafix – Green Destiny [Hospital]
Technimatic – The Evening Loop [Shogun]
Spectrasoul – Alibi (Break Remix)
Fred V & Grafix – Bladerunner [Hospital]
S.P.Y – Analogue Dreams [Hospital]
Fred V & Grafix – Recognise [Hospital]
Billain & Teddy Killerz – Wizard [Bad Taste Recording]
Camo & Krooked – Turn Back The Time [Hospital]
Fred V & Grafix – Clouds Cross Skies [Hospital]
Fred V & Grafix – Sick Of All Your Secrets (Feat. Josie) [Hospital]
Commix – How You Gonna Feel (Feat. Steve Spacek) [Metalheadz]
Fred V & Grafix – Maverick Souls [Hospital]
Birdy – Wings (Nu:Logic remix) [Atlantic]
The Prototypes – Pale Blue Dot [Viper]
Fred V & Grafix – Recognise (Emperor remix) [Hospital]

S.P.Y ‘Brooklyn Dub’ [Hospital]
LSB ‘Leave’ [SOUL:R]
Logistics ‘Together’ [Hospital]
Jakwob ‘Somebody VIP [Digital Sound Boy]
Rawtekk ‘Amber’s Love Was Like A Marble (Billain remix)’ [Med School]
Urbandawn ‘Torus’ [Bad Taste]
Tyke ‘You Don’t Have To’ [Playaz]
S.P.Y feat. Diane Charlemagne [Hospital]
Break ‘They’re Wrong (Calibre remix’ [Symmetry]

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