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In the latest edition of the award winning Hospital Podcast, London Elektricity showcases drum & bass from across the world, including cuts from the forthcoming Reso album, a track from the new Keeno EP + more… ……Make sure you subscribe HERE, or download the episode as an MP3 HERE or WATCH HERE.

Star Trek theme.
Reso ‘Taiga’
Krakota ‘Ghosts’
Anile ‘Losing My Mind’
Krakota ‘Ice Hands’
Sunchase ‘Think Of’
Lynx ‘Hurting’ (feat. Master X)
Dub Phizix ‘Rainy City’
Roy Green & Protone ‘Deep Inside’
Sunny Crimea & Indentified ‘Everything Fades’
Blu Mar Ten ‘Famous Lost Words’ (Kimyan Law remix)
Reso ‘Ricochet’
Keeno ‘One More Moment’ (feat. Cepasa)
London Elektricity ‘To Be Me’
Electrosoul System ‘Grad’ (Dissident & Kontext remix)
Baikal ‘Race To Space’
Etherwood ‘You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me’
Royalston ‘Morning Girl’
Sunchase ‘Thing’ (feat. Electrosoul System)
1 Direction ‘Steal My Girl’ (Reso’s Sound Clash remix)

Get upfront drum and bass on your mp3 player, hosted by Mr Hospital himself, London Elektricity.

Expect upfront interviews, live features from Hospitality and L.E on the road, dubs straight out of Tony's box, and all the latest news from the Label!

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Latest Radio Show:

In this month’s Hospital show on Rinse FM, the Hospital crew chat to Etherwood about his brand new single, as well as showcasing drum & bass from across the world, including an exclusive guest mix from Sunchase.  Listen back or download from Rinse FM website

February 2015 – Hospital Radio with Chris Goss, Mullett + Sunchase & Etherwood
Krakota “Ghosts” [Hospital]
SpectraSoul “Always” [Shogun]
Ivy Lab  “Forex” [Critical]
Lynx “Rim Shock” [Hospital]
Billie “Give Me The Knife” (Keeno Remix) [NEWS]
DLR & Break “Human Error” [Dispatch]
Etherwood  “Weightless” [Med School]
Etherwood “You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me” [Med School"
Om Unit & Sam Binga "Transatlantic" [BUNIT]
Arch Origin “City By Night”
Kele “Closer” (Fred V & Grafix Remix) [Lilac]
Reso “What Is” [Hospital]
Nu:Tone “Valence” [Hospital]
Hazard “Death sport” [Playaz]Sunchase 30 minute mix

Sunchase “The Truth” {Med School]
Sunchase “Bounce” [Horizons]
Sunchase “Thing” (feat. Electrosoul System) [Med school]
Sunchase “Warm Space” [Horizons]
Alexey Arkhipovskiy “Doroga Domoi” (Sunchase Remix) [Ketama]
Cepasa “Nove” (Sunchase Remix) [Cepasa Music]
Sunchase “Violet” [Drone Audio]
Sunchase “Karabi” [22:22]
Sunchase “Ultimate Survival” (new mixdown)
Sunchase “Cxema” (feat. Detail) [22:22]

Kelis “Change” (Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris remix)
Technicolour “Centrifuge VIP” [Spearhead]
Michael Calfan “Treasured Soul” (S.P.Y Remix)[Warner]
Krakota “Ice Hands” [Hospital]
Urbandawn “Warpdrive” [Hospital]
Noisia, Hybris & Mefjus “Reptilians” [Vision]
Bensley “Fandango” [RAM]
Zed Bias “Something About this” (feat. Fox) (Nu:Tone remix) [Hospital]

Rinse FM is the home of the Hospital Radio show. Hosted by Chris Goss, with Tomahawk on the turntables, and with Tom Mullett and the Hospital crew in the studio.

Broadcasting on the fourth Wednesday of every month 11pm - 1am UK time, the show goes out on 106.8FM in London and via the internet at The show is archived on the Rinse Website; go to to check the latest show.

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