Hospital Records

Democast January 2012

So to kick off 2012 we thought it best to ease you in with our latest selection of demos. Riley is at the controls this week bringing you 10 of our favourite demos sent in to our demo inbox on aim (aol instant messenger) “hospitaldubs”. Check it out!

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1. Kantyze – Warp
2. Place 2 b- Red
3. Tobax & Contract Killers – From An Eclipse (feat. Kije)
4. Detail – Green Rain
5. Intaspekt – Russian Dolls
6. Urban Dawn – Astrolabe
7. Tomek N – Biography
8. Hyroglifics – Burnout
9.Terminal State – Our Ways
10. Cross Beat – Friday Is Ours
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  • maxdraexler

    i guess that’s the green rain guy.

  • Nick Lowe

    Hi Riley,

    I just listened to the Democast, really great, I think I have the pronunciation you are looking for, for Kantyze once you said they are French chances are the ‘y’ is said as ‘ee’ as in ‘knee’ so my guess is that its ‘Kanteasy’ -

    Thanks – Nick