Hospital Records

Hospital Podcast 129

Logistics is in the studio to tell us all about the release of his album “Spacejams”. Chris Goss is on host duty as we ask Logistics plenty of questions you sent us on Facebook and Twitter. There is new music from Medschool, Nu:Logic and Break also featured.

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Logistics – Spacejam
Logistics “Chat” – Together
Logistics – Blackout
Logistics “Chat” – Together
Logistics + IllSkillz – Notes From The Block
Nu:Logic – New Technique
Logistics – Damage Control
Unquote – Lubov Moya
Klute – Party Hands
Logistics – Winter Blues VIP
Break – Time After Time
Get upfront drum and bass on your mp3 player, hosted by Mr Hospital himself, London Elektricity.

Expect upfront interviews, live features from Hospitality and L.E on the road, dubs straight out of Tony's box, and all the latest news from the Label!

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  • Andrey

    Tony’s greetings, many thanks for new music, Respect Logistics and Unquote (lubov moya), Damage control very worthy work reputable when at Mistabishi there will be a revival, absolutely were gone where!!!!!

  • Oliver

    So I think he is trying to say “Where is Mistabishi?”

    Wouldn’t mind knowing myself!

  • Jordan

    I too would like to know where Mistabishi is. His album ‘Drop’ was incredible and I need more of his unique, atmospheric and hard hitting beats!

  • Phonografik


  • londonelektricity

    james how’s it going?

  • mags

    oh man! gotta love that ironic title ‘new technique’ ;]

    really into that old skool vibe. biggups loggy!