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Hospital Podcast 159

London Elektricity is back from Australia to bring you a top podcast with two key themes. The first is the new EP on Med School by Royalston, and the second is the awesome new “Fifteen Years Of Hospital Records” compilation.

Dropping plenty of cuts from both releases plus new music from across the scene this is well worth tuning in to.

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1. Royalston – Bonesinger
2. Reso – Voices Of A Distant Star
3. Royalston – Cerulean Blue
4. Optiv and BTK – Let It Hit ‘Em
5. Adele – Rolling In The Deep – Nu:Tone Remix
6. Calibre – Piano Business
7. TC – New Frontier
8. High Contrast – The Basement Track
9. Rusko – Everyday – Netsky Remix VIP
10. DJ Die and Break – Grand Funk Hustle
11. Skepta – Hold On
12. Ma – Japanese Bones – Royalston Remix
13. Twisted Individual – Touching Cloth
14. Logistics – Closer
15. Wilkinson – Pistol Whip
16. Royalston – Mantequa
Get upfront drum and bass on your mp3 player, hosted by Mr Hospital himself, London Elektricity.

Expect upfront interviews, live features from Hospitality and L.E on the road, dubs straight out of Tony's box, and all the latest news from the Label!

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  • Pixel Junglist

    Hi guys.

    Have one question about music file format.
    Most auditory of my blog listen sound by using live mp3 players.
    Can you please attach a mirror with mp3 format, because m4a is nice but not streaming. I’ll post each new podcast with pleasure if you do this.


  • Agapov Kirill

    Yes Oleg! It’s true and it’s not user friendly.

  • Pixel Junglist

    Thanks for support Kirill.
    Hope Hospital team read this and make some decisions