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Hospital Podcast 168 – Blood Pressure Special

Ash Med School is in the studio for a very special Blood Pressure show. He is joined by Blu Mar Ten, Mutated Forms and Anile as they discuss the new compilation on Med School plus play a ton of exclusive new tracks from the project.

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Lung, Joe Syntax & eleven8 – Red Rhythm
Anile and Dakosa – Ecstasy Dub
Mutated Forms – Feels Like
Blu Mar Ten – Last LIfe In The Universe
Submerse – This Time You’re Not Wrong
Lung – Why Does Anyone Ever Do Anything
BCEE – Count The Starts feat Lingby – Joe Syntax
East Colours – Watch Out – Enei Remix
Mutated Forms – Crowlin
Photek – KJZ
Unquote – Paint My Wings (feat. Grimm) [Fracture's Astrophonica Remix]
Martsman – Halow
Synkro – Dwelling
Royalston – Carnivore
S.I.N – Neverending
Get upfront drum and bass on your mp3 player, hosted by Mr Hospital himself, London Elektricity.

Expect upfront interviews, live features from Hospitality and L.E on the road, dubs straight out of Tony's box, and all the latest news from the Label!

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  • mog

    Hey – what’s the name of the guy who does the photography for the blood pressure album cover?



  •!/Ash_Howard Ash

    His name is Mike Deere :)

  • dexter

    never really like drum and bass until i found hospital records and there albums and podcasts awsome