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HOSPITAL MIX 6… OUT NOW!! – A bargain at only £5!!

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Hospital Mix hits you for six as 1Xtra award winning DJ Cyantific mixes all of the latest Hospital anthems live. With record releases coming faster than an MRSA outbreak 2007 was a productive year for the NHS, and it was looking like there were simply too many tracks to cram in. But by using three Technics and quick fingers Cyantific has found a way! Featuring more unreleased music than any previous Hospital Mix, the track selection and construction of this mix is a testament to the art of modern day D&B DJing.

With so much quality music from another storming year at Hospital, plus a sneaky peak of what’s to come – there really are no excuses. Fivers at the ready and get involved as Hospital brings you another post Christmas bargain this January.

Don’t sleep and grab a copy from the Hospital Shop… HERE

You can also purchase a Digital Selection of full length MP3s… HERE

Cyantific get Disconnected

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Pound for pound Hospital’s best producers have come to show you their muscle. Make sure you have got ringside seats as Cyantific bring you two dancefloor TKOs.

Compromising is for the weak as “Disconnected” hits you like a Panzer tank division. 16 bars of bongo boogie is all that’s needed by way of an introduction before an angry barrage of sub bass and metallic stabs which hit you hard. Already massive amongst DJs like Andy C – this featured on his recent Drum & Bass Arena mix CD and has had fans chomping at the bit for this metal on metal grind out. Flipping things over for “Serpent” – straight out of the Jungle. A melee of bass and beats seems to have enraged the animals as this one drops like a knife fight in the monkey pit at London zoo. ‘Roided up to the max, this is a beefier, harder Cyantific, Scared!? You should be!

Full release with artwork available now on the Hospital Shop…

12″ vinyl / MP3

Medical History

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

IDJ Magazine’s ”players of the year” bring you the latest medical history… Get your hands on some previously confidential tracks and some hard to find prescriptions from Hospital’s future funk lizards. Duo, Jon & Matt, Cyantific hail from London and have risen right to the top of drum and bass fame this year following the release of the massive debut album Ghetto Blaster on Hospital.

Alongside the massive 90 and Sparfunk’s full throttle take on Ghetto Blaster there are some storming Cyantific productions. Available in full for the 1st time on any format no where else can you get the garage tinged ”Die 4 U” the GLO styled ”Good Weather” and electro slammer ”Good Love”. Elsewhere there is the hard edged Coming Unstuck and the killer modern day jungle cuts ”11th Hour” and Pulse 101.

If you haven’t already caught the Cyantific bug yet, fix up and get locked onto unmistakable sound of the future!

Available now on the Hospital Shop… CLICK HERE

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