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S.P.Y ‘What The Future Holds’ – the debut album

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Since releasing his first ever tune on Med School in 2006, S.P.Y has been the name on everyone’s lips, bringing in the deeper, darker sounds of the underground and keeping things fresh with his unique, sub-genre spanning music.

Now he brings us his debut album on Hospital, featuring vocalists such as Diane Charlemagne and Ian Shaw. Across the thirteen-track selection, we are treated to an array of different styles as S.P.Y blends moody sub-bass driven soundscapes in tracks like “Bass Terror” with an old-skool vintage aesthetic, harking back to the late 90s “golden era” of D+B in moments like “Analogue Dreams”. Soaring vocals are paired with uplifting synth sweeps and rolling breaks in tracks such as “See The Light”, “Hammer In My Heart” and title track “What The Future Holds”, whilst a ballad-like aspect takes over in “Love Hurts”. Things get nasty with the rough, tough, tech-y vibes in ”Back Again” and “Infiltrate”, whilst the blissed out “Kiss The Sky” brings the album to a poignant finale.

Unanimously praised across the scene, S.P.Y’s exceptional creativity and astute production skills means he is the go-to name in D+B right now, with support from everyone from Bailey, Doc Scott and Storm through to Sub Focus, London Elektricity and Annie Mac.



Special Edition – iTUNES

S.P.Y – Future Tense feat. Jo-s / Roll The Dice – OUT NOW!

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Hot on the heels of the “Love & Hate” EP comes this double A-side vinyl-only release from S.P.Y which is being pressed on limited edition white vinyl.

Lead track “Future Tense” is a six-minute journey into the deeper side of S.P.Y’s production featuring west-coast male vocals courtesy of US soulster Jo-s. Flip side “Roll The Dice” switches things up and sees S.P.Y go in on a darker and more menacing tip.


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S.P.Y – Love & Hate – OUT NOW!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

S.P.Y makes his debut on Hospital with the “Love & Hate” EP which is out now on vinyl and digital download.

The title track is simple, back to basics sub-bass science. Moody atmospherics and trademark twisted diva vocals on the intro make way for some of the most ridiculous subs weve heard since the scene in Jurassic Park where the T Rex makes the glass of water shake.


Also, check out the official “Love & Hate” video HERE!

S.P.Y debut release on Hospital – COMING SOON!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Hard to believe this is S.P.Ys debut full artist release on Hospital, from his first ever release (on Med School in 2005) this release is set to win the hearts and minds of long time D+B fans, and new comers alike with its return to core values and pure sound.

S.P.Y’s “Love & Hate” EP is due out on 7th May on 2 x 12″ vinyl and digital download.


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S.P.Y and Fred V & Grafix Sign To Hospital!

Friday, November 25th, 2011

As we near the end of 2011, we are very pleased to announce two brand new signings to the Hospital camp….

Firstly, a producer who has a rich and significant history with Hospital, Brazilian born Carlos Lima a.k.a S.P.Y Secondly, a signing from the South West, in the form of Bath-based duo Fred V & Grafix

A huge welcome to the Hospital family! We are very excited and look forward to big things to come from these guys in 2012. Both artists feature in our “Fifteen Years Of Hospital” album out on Monday. S.P.Y with the grinding “Untold Future” and Fred V and Grafix with the uplifting “Find My Way”.

S.P.Y on Med School

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

It’s back to school for S.P.Y with his second killer 12″ on Hospital’s experimental sister label.

“Ghostship” is an off the peg dancefloor rinse, with head down squelching synths and a vintage techstep drum work-out. On the flip comes “Silent Sleeper” another hybrid monster, chosen by Fabio as his “left of the field” tune on BBC Radio One this is stand out material and no mistake.

Get your hands on these storming tracks through the Hospital Shop…

12″ vinyl / MP3

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