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HIGH CONTRAST – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Jonny L Remix!

High Contrast returns via a truly uncompromising remix overhaul of “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” from the legendary JONNY L who makes his NHS debut. Already huge with DJs worldwide this is the kind of remix which needs no introduction or explanation:- just wind it up and watch it go… straight for the jugular!

On the flip is a vinyl outing for the deep and deadly ‘Nobody Gets Out Of Here Alive’ another highlight from the ‘Tough Guys Don’t Dance’ album – it’s a track which has been a mainstay of High Contrast’s DJ sets over the last 6 months, and as a result has had junglists worldwide clamoring for a vinyl release.

With High Contrast’s awesome remix of the Utah Saints ‘Something Good’ smashing radio one in recent weeks, and his ‘Watch The Ride’ mix CD flying off the shelves of all good record shops this remix 12′ sees High Contrast going back to his roots – delivering dancefloor damage on both sides of the wax.


12″ VINYL / MP3

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