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December 23, 2009 in News

The mighty Colminator app is here and available now on the app store for free.

Now you too can have your very own award winning D+B podcast experience with this fully functional sound board.

so get involved and download it to your iPhone now – Here

  • Dev1ANT

    This app looks fun…how about an Android version? Pleeeeeease!

  • JP Mountain goat

    SEX SEX SEX!!!!

    Sorry about that but I had to get your attention…

    Being a refined gentleman of over 30 years, I spent my teenage years listening to tunes like Super Sharp Shooter, Champion Sound and anything dirty and rolling..

    For some reason in the ensuing years I then fell foul of Indie, grunge, hard house and dare I say it, even a little bit of Trance (sorry)

    BUT – having subscribed to the Podcast back in cast 81, I’ve been well and truly put back on track. I bought Bop, I bought TFSofRussia and quick frankly I’m now buying everything I can find that Netsky has produced.

    I used to think D&B was dead but people like Logistics, Bop, Netsky and of course London Elektricty have made me realise just how much great new D&B there is around.

    Please give a shout out to anyone like me that has got back into the D&B fold after years in the 170bpm wilderness.

    p.s. Have you ever considered putting a set together that maps out the last 15 years of D&B? You could start with some old skool Johhny L, move into some early 90’s shit like Adam F / Ganja Kru, then move into some Netsky / Logistics. I would pay to go!

    In fact, how about an old-skool podcast special?

    Tune of 2009 = Logistics, Transporter – its got the best drop I’ve ever heard.

    Anyway, nice one Tony.

  • akirapilot

    Tony is the man! I have been listening to your podcast since number 92 which was coincidentally my brithday. I have been listening to The future sound which I have gotten from Beatport. That podcast was special to me because it made me feel quite the same. I was able to get three of my friends to get hooked on the genre, despite the fact that they do not know how to refer to the genre, since they use “rave music” as a more accessible term, but they still love it. I am trying to get them hooked on the podcast so that way if they know of a song that they like, then they could look it up and get it themselves. Perhaps I would like to see you come to the U.S. and DJ tracks which would make our fat asses rumble and tumble to the ground, which might cause an earthquake. Anyway, you have been one of the greatest influences when I do my artwork and it is because of you I can find kick ass tracks like the Everywhere I go remix by Sci-Clone. So thanks a bunch to you Tony Coleman aka London Elek. It has been an honor listening to your music.

    Sincerely Akira Pilot.

  • djgreaves

    hi tony my names chris and i’m a uni student as well as a big fan of the hospital sound so much of a fan that last year in college all i ever did was listening to your pod casts and try and create tunes that sounded like they were off hospital and listening to you gusy helpd me to make this remix of lady gaga just dance i know its not as fast paced but i think its still go the swing

    any ways coudl you give me a masive shout out to all the crew on FD music tech in midchesh collge and i hope have a couple of copies of your new album wen it comes out (one in vynl and oneon cd)

  • Kiinnostus

    Meh, I want it on my Symbian

  • spike

    Tony and the Hospital crew,

    thanks for the excellent podcasts ! I’ve discovered them after I listened to your 11/08/2008 Essential Mix last summer and went searching for Hospital stuff.

    I love the fact that your podcast give some idea of the artists behind the DnsB tunes ( like the Sick Music Podcast and the Randomer special ) and what inspires them.

    I’m finishing my studies this year, and I can only wish I’ll end up having a job where I can be so enthousiastic about the stuff I’m doing as you are ! You realise you’re really privileged in that respect right ? No cubicles and special forms to fill out etc…

    Please, keep them comming ! Can’t wait for SICK 2 and the Randomer album !

  • groovelastig

    spammers, go home!

    my very favourite quote from the colminator app is “.. all the haters, who hate it, just because it’s new, you can stop hating it now, because it’s not new anymore.”

    that rings truth in every syllable. : D

    also, the studio spider freakout is aces! I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I heard it on the actual podcast it was on, and it’s still funny as of today. cheers to everything alive!

    have a happy new year and keep rolling out the fantastic tunes!

    cheers, Roland

  • Swanvesta

    Just downloaded the Colmonstrocity APp.

    BIT MAd i must say! Nonetheless pretty cool!

    Hope all at the Hospital base/depot had a good new year!

    Nice to see BIG IN THE GAME in the podders last. & SAFE FOR giving me and mates a SHouty out.

    I HAVE NOTICED THOUGH THAT YOU ARE USING MY SLOGAN NOW to ADvertise your events. Hospitality Sheffield! Is INDEED…


    IF you can give my MRS a shout on on the Mighty 103 would be ULTIMACY DE LA SIKNESS. Her names Nicole bytheway. Easy RIley

  • katalyst

    @Swanvesta, mate it appears your shift key is broken.

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