International Women’s Day: The Hospital Records Pledge

March 8, 2019 in News

At Hospital Records, Med School and Hospitalitydnb we recognise the gender imbalance within drum & bass. We want to be at the forefront of pushing through a positive change for the scene and music that we all love, towards a more representative community that creates equal opportunities for everyone. On International Women’s Day 2019 we joined Smirnoff’s Equalising Music campaign, endorsed by PRS for Music Keychange.

We pledge to continue our efforts to sign and expand our roster with talented female artists and release as many outstanding tracks produced by female artists as we can. Furthermore we pledge to increase the number of female DJs performing at our flagship Hospitality events. We’ve had some amazing success already this year with female producers and we can’t wait to reveal what’s coming up!

Across our 23-year lifespan we have a proud history of employing women within the scene. We pledge to build on our growing team of women in the Hospital Records organisation, where we already have women in managerial positions in several departments.

If you’re a woman who loves drum & bass, or are keen to learn how to produce, DJ or get involved behind the scene, or you already are, then join our Women In Drum & Bass Facebook group. Over the next year we’re planning to provide various opportunities that allow the female drum & bass community to continue growing. More info to come very soon! #EqualisingMusic #KeyChange


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