Netsky on RJDJ

June 18, 2010 in News

Hospital Records have teamed up with RJDJ to bring you a creative scene for Netksy’s track ‘Escape feat Darrison’. Swipe through the 4 pages to create your own arrangement of ‘Escape’ manipulating parts of the track using the touch features on your iPhone.

Swiping in time with bar creates a smooth transition into the another area of the track with multiple effects. Shake to introduce beat on the first page and explore the pages, follow the directions on the screen of multiple touch, turn and tilting controls to create unique arrangements and effects. Chop, pan, filter and immerse yourself in this fresh euphoric track by Netsky in your own spontaneous reactive remix.

So download the RJDJ app for your iPhone and grab the scene for free here.

Netsky’s Debut album – ORDER HERE.


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