Hospital Democast April 2011

April 8, 2011 in Podcast

Riley is at the controls this week bringing your finest demos from the last few months. We get sent thousands of demos into our aim inbox “hospitaldubs” on aol instant messenger. We then select our favourites and play them on the democast and in the past this process has seen many of the tracks get signed up by Hospital, Medschool or other labels.

Here is what we thought were the best demos of the last few weeks. What do you think of the tracks? Which are your favourites?

1. Macca feat Hosta – Never Leave You
2. Euphonic – Neon
3. Liquilade – Rebirth
4. Cynic – Communist Eyes
5. Elusive Elements + Silent Mind – Immortal
6. Max NRG – Arkan
7. B-Motion – Get Up
8. Optiv + BTK – Blind Struck
9. Outer Heaven – Hemlock
10. Kasio – Flight To Cali
11. Juxtaposes – Glass Doors


  • Paris

    just wanna say a huuuuge well done to macca and hosta, been a long time coming and sooo pleased for u both x

  • Jenny

    MACCA for the WIN!

  • Lazz

    Hosta finally getting the recognition he deserves. Quality producer

  • Lazz

    Hosta finally getting the recognition he deserves. Quality artist*

  • crisu pissu

    Macca feat Hosta – Never Leave You
    i love this tune :x

  • crisu pissu

    i want to put a heart, but he turn in to a ugly emoticon LOL

  • dOGGER


  • Gin&Logic

    Juxtaposes: fucking fantastic

  • Different Drumz


    Respect to Macca & Hosta everytime!

  • mathias petermann

    B-Motion – Get Up
    HUGE tune!
    Too bad it’s that short.

  • Andrii Bovchaliuk

    Max NRG – Arkan
    nice tune from ukrainian producer

  • Jonny

    Liquilade is the best. I guarantee it !

  • Daniel Jeffery

    Macca feat Hosta – Never Leave You
    Max NRG – Arkin
    B-Motion – Get Up

    All MASSIVE tracks :) Keep up the democasts!

  • Rob Way

    B-Motion – Get Up

    What an absolute MASSIVE TUNE!!!!!

  • Aquari

    Liquilade has some awesome other tunes also

  • Benni Lodge

    Absolutely loving the democasts over the last couple of months. Definately taking some quality drum and bass on my holiday at the end of the month.

  • Easy-E

    Euphoric – neon
    B-motion – get up
    Kasio – Flight to Cali

    Head bouncing, fingering snapping goodness!

  • rob seaward

    how the hell do u listen to it then

    • Vinny

      You’re on top of the game. Thanks for shnairg.

    • vqugsrcjyg

      P2MaGT qlwlwttbfuqt

  • Jesse

    You call that “Ukraine-step”

  • Jesse

    You call that Ukraine-Step

  • Jesse

    sorry I posted that twice drunken mistake!

  • Malcolm Paine

    Max NRG, Arkan – Massive tune!! Best thing I have heard for months!!

  • Macca

    Thank you! Please check my other tracks out at:

  • Polofish

    Juxtaposes piece is phenomenal! Juxtaposes for the win!

  • OuterHeaven

    some wicked tracks on here :)
    you can find more of mine at:

  • Brandon

    Glass doors by Juxtaposes……… Nice!

  • ShyFX

    just not up to standard these tunes

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