Hospital Podcast 109

March 23, 2010 in Podcast

Back in the Hospital Studio and this time solo, London Elektricity brings you your latest bi-weekly subscription of D+B, bassline pressure and chit chat.

New tracks from Chris SU + SKC, Calibre and the brand new Blokhe4d track which is out now on Hospital.

as always let us know what you think, and grab “Full Circle” by Blokhe4d now on the Hospital Shop.


1. Shapeshifter – Twin Galaxies – The Upbeats RMX
2. Calibre – Don’t Want Your Love
3. Enter Shakari – Wall – High Contrast Rework
4. Bladerunner – Back To The Jungle
5. Heist – Continental Drift
6. TC – Where’s My Money – Parker’s Monkey Mix
7. Daft Punk – One More Time – Cyan Bootleg
8. SKC + Chris SU – Rumble
9. Randomer – Come Back
10. Blokhe4d – Full Circle

  • Melon

    HOSPITAL PODCASTS HAVE STILL GOT IT!! wrong podcast number again, sick tunes, and made me go absolutely MENTAL when i heard where’s my monkey the parkers remix i heard it about a month or more back and NEVER thought id hear it on the hospital podcast but how cud i have doubted you, yh its a bit of a micky take but its still a fat tune even the bass in there is sooo lush followed by the mr coleman having a right shout over the one more time remix. All of the above is just the typical awesome hospital podcasts the way we know it and love it, a brilliant host of london elektricity being nothing but himself, the whole thing made with the mentality of all us crazy music lovers and all throughout just pure perfection, dont u ever stop, want to hear you guys carry on ’til mr chairman is partner hosting it, please give us a shout tony admist your sick tunes and hyped up screams

  • ninkul

    Shoutout would be great ;)

    Enjoying the podcast, keeping me through my unemployment spat (hopefully its a spat). Got my 21st comin’ up with a couple of residents from Wellington’s beloved Sandwiches :). Going to be a massive night of drum & bass. DEFINITELY going to be thrashing it at your gig if you’re comin’ back down to Wellington again as i missed you last time due to fun fun exams. Just avoid the 5th of June. Illuminate is on; massive dubstep, d&b and hard dance thing-ma-bob :P.

    Great stuff on shouting out NZ’s D&B scene as i’m trying to spread the good word of drum & bass high and low myself :). Cant wait ’til you’re out here again :D


  • ninkul

    What exactly IS that tune?

  • Swanvesta


  • Mathew

    Hey Tony!

    Really liked this podcast, I had to laugh very hard at the middle of it! Unfortunately I was in public so it was a bit embarrassing, but who cares anyway. Thumbs up for funny tracks! Especially Trololo – someone should make a DnB remix out of this…

    Greetings from Austria

  • chrislanglaysmith

    could you please shout out to my friend.

    he was walking down the road and got ram records by a car. we lifted music him up and then a spearhead records came out of nowhere and hit him right in the metalheadz. he went to HOSPITAL RECORDS and was in a critical recordings state. his life recordings was in jeopardy. after he gave his signature recordings to his lawyer he was let out to have some ganja records. drum and bass got him through this stangely dramatic event. thank you
    chris langlay-smith

  • xahx89

    Keep the “Trololo” =D

    Great podcast once again

  • Sleaty

    Heya Tony,
    Great podcast, loving the New Blood 010 compilation! Its so nice just to sit back in my chair and listen to White Picket Fences by Kharm, such a beautiful track. Really looking forward to Netsky’s album in June and all the other Hospital artist album’s forthcoming. Not forgetting Sick Music 2 as well! Also can’t wait for my first ever Hospitality in my home town of Cardiff! I’ll definatley be at the front for your set, please could you give a shout out to my mates Alex and Minh who are also big fans of yours and all the Aperture & Neuropol Dubstep/Drum & Bass massive! Thanks!

    P.S.: Please oh pleaaase, pretty please play Memory Lane during your set I will cry, thanks :D

  • freakzoid

    i just want to share with you all this great video of where’s my monkey :D

    I Wan’na Be Like You

    Now I’m the king of the swingers
    Oh, the jungle VIP
    I’ve reached the top and had to stop
    And that’s what botherin’ me
    I wanna be a man, mancub
    And stroll right into town
    And be just like the other men
    I’m tired of monkeyin’ around!

  • davidmcardle

    Yes Tony,

    I’ve never thought to try get a shout but I feel like I owe High Contrast a long overdue apology for being smashed whilst saying hello to him at Hospitality @ Heaven in Ibiza way back in August 2007 while he was with his Mrs before finding out he is teetotal.

    I had never been into Drum and Bass before that night, went on the recommendation of a friend and haven’t looked back, been locked on to the podcast since then and that night opened my eyes to the wonderful world of Drum and Bass and I have been a die hard fan since.

    Many thanks

    Dave, Birmingham, U.K.

  • amat

    Greetings from the great drum and bass desert, also known as Vancouver. Actually North America in general is pretty dead when it comes to dnb. So sad…

    I just wanted to say that the Where’s My Monkey? remix was the funniest thing I’ve heard in years. When the monkey screeches came on, I nearly died of laughing, which was embarrassing, because I was in my math lecture, which was about to start. Great podcast as always. I can’t wait for Sick Music 2..from what I’ve heard it should be just as good as Sic Music 1, which was the best album of the summer in my opinion (maybe even the whole year!) I just wish I had enough money to visit London for some Hospitality to round off the whole experience. Oh well.

    Shouts to the other two Vancouverites listening!


    PS. That video that was posted (music video for Where’s My Monkey?) was absolutely epic.

  • trancekr

    Dear Tony,

    I heard you’re gonna do some gig in Korea. Really glad to hear that. Right now I don’t know I can make it or not. But I will try.

    Also thanks for a great podcast.

  • tBolNZ

    Wow awesome as usual nice to hear a shout out to NZ looking forward to more NZ/Hospital Connections including a visit to Welly. Always listen to your podcast Wednesday mornings on my work commute – different podcast = different mood at work for the day. Tony making an ass of himself can make my day that much better so more of that yeah?

    Timmy Toops
    New Zealand

  • Swanvesta

    Hello Tony
    Just writing to apologise for my so called “tourettes” I just get carried away .. I know your a sensitive man an things like that would probably off pissed you off.

    Principles mate, if you say dont do It , I shall not.

    You touched me though mate, u know my hearts in the right place. I am not homosexual but did love it.

    Your Djing antics at MATTER are mad

    Siik music on show this week !

    The Swanvesta (face of podcast 96 ME)

  • junkstar

    Hi Tony,

    I don’t think its fair to say Hyper Hyper is a ‘bad bad bad bad bad single’ – I think it’s good. Apologise to Nu:Tone! No wonder he’s been locked in his basement for so long what with you being so horrible about his music n all.

    Loving the new Randomer tune and really psyched for Sick Music 2 – keep it coming!


  • quantized

    Really good podcast.

    I was blown away by Shapeshifter Twin Galaxies Upbeats Remix and I’m now going to try some of their music. P Digsss has a great voice.


  • MacCrockett

    Tony huge thanks for the monkey-step song. Cheered me right up as well.

    Oh yes – have fun on the road…

    And please would you give a shout to all of us Northwest North American fans who won’t be seeing you on said road.

    Roll on…

  • MacCrockett

    Are you kidding around?

    That’s “bad bad” as in “good good”(-;

  • marco900

    Hi, Tony
    Listening to this podcast while taking a test for geology was a BAAAD idea. I started laughing in the middle of the test when I heard the “Where’s my monkey” song, and got my zune confiscated. Now I can’t get it back until the end of the week. Also, I don’t know if anyone else picked this up but, you said this was podcast 108 when it is 109. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    Los Angeles, USA

  • knucklez

    surely if you’ve played wheres my monkey you need to play this on the next podcast? tis immense when it drops :D

    shout out to the hug the sub, allsorts/vinylism and alliance boys in swansea. putting on great nights out every week. keep it up lads. and to the missus ‘Ace’ just so i dont have her going ‘oi why you not shout out to me’ loving the podcasts *brown nose,blah blah blah*

    ben perham

  • browntown

    Yo this set is epic! Keep the beats coming! I’ve been listening for 2 years and wanted you to know this IS really something special. Keep it up! Cheers from Dallas, TX

  • browntown

    By the way, does anyone know the original track and name of “ha ha hah ha ha” song that’s playing during the “Shouts” section beginning around 27:00?? Thanks mates

  • tosch

    Oh my gosh, do you wanna scare some children with this? :D

  • Weekesey

    Will the chairmans latest release be on Sick Music?

  • Butcher

    Stoked your coming to Korea. Especially the mighty Busan.

    A shout out to all the ex pats in the Drum and bass starved Busan, if you please.

    Awesome podcast mate. A tourniquet for a soul in need.

  • freakzoid

    hey tony why dont you create some “challenge” to your listeners like:
    for every set we send you (here on comments) some links of crazy songs/remixes like “where’s my monkey” and you choose one to put on your next podcast.. this is just a idea ;)

  • freakzoid

    lol @ “trololol” oh please tony play this every week or something like this ;)

    also a big shout to “wheres my MONKEY” i laugh out loud lol

    nicely done again i can keep going happy to my work every morning :)

    when a gig @ portugal?

  • Roger Berkeley

    that was a funny one.
    had a good laugh through the shouts and the “hOw To lEaVe a sHOut” advice;)
    and yeah, bring back the restaurant review,or just review something else.
    would be funny i’m sure.
    would still like to know what you said about the gnome-neighbour…

  • Kutuzov

    i dont like it….

  • londonelektricity

    anything in particular?

  • Kiinnostus

    I laughed so hard when I heard the “trololol” playing. God damnit again Tony! And when you sang it, I just… Laughed and cried at the same time!

  • Gizm0

    Another mad pod cast! Great stuff. I was recently surprised when my recent order of Hospital Records arrived, with in my order was a copy Netsky – Memory lane & Camo Krooked – Turn up the Music :O NHS163 which I cant recall ordering so that was nice :D
    I gots 2 questions,
    Any chance of S!ck I music sampler LP but with Seba – Snow & MRSA – Different cant seem to find them anywhere and both of em are unreal tunes and secondly any chance of seeing some Hospitality love at Lowlands Music festival this year or anywhere else in Holland for that matter? Can i get a shout out to all the DnB heads in Hengelo (Heng-a-low) in Holland. Big up! & mucho respecto out of the Netherlands.

  • delawski

    well sir you have done it again!! i have been listening since podcast 35 and they keep getting better and better. the new shout out song is fucking hilarious! keep it up!! one love!

  • gadisradio

    i looove this podcast so much. cool especially in this TC – Where’s my Money – Parker’s Monkey Remix! lol awesome

  • semantics

    we are confused up in newcastle; is netsky playing on april 30th? i want to see das wunderkid!

  • londonelektricity

    oi semantics sort out your semantics Netsky is not German he’s Belgian (from the Dutch side) OK????? tcho…..

  • Kiinnostus

    The “shout-section song” is here:

    Called “Trolololol”

  • freakzoid

    watching the video is even scarier…

  • BigMackUS

    Tony, no shit. My friend just sent me this YouTube link. I told him that I heard it on your podcast this week during your shouts.


  • semantics

    my apologies for the confusion of origin.. i just got sat down well and truly. BUT: you didn’t answer my question TC. His myspace has had him down as playing in newcastle for a while but the lineup was just released and he is absent. You’re there; can’t wait, but where’s Boris?!

  • PandasLoveNetsky

    When you come to New Zealand, are you having a night open to all ages? I’m 16 and would hate it if you came all this way just for me to miss you again, no R18 bars please :P

  • guido-daido


    Will you come to Christchurch??


  • Nerdy

    jo tony badass shoutcasts so far , been listening since 85th till present , got a little question though, me and many other people missed your last performance last year, so are you gonna plan to visit and perform in small estonia again? :) *thumbs up* for future podcasts

  • MillyG

    Greetings Tony!! Please can you give a SHOUT OUT on your next podcast!! would really appreciate it!!!!!!

    Please send Loads of Love from Milly to her boyfriend Chris who has just moved to NYC for a year! I know he will be listening as he would NEVER miss a hospital podcast!!

    Thank you :)

  • sk-tter

    Tony, you fucking legend! Glad to see you’re coming back to Australia so soon! :D

    Wonder if we can match last year’s show? It was easily one of the greatest nights of my life.

    Hope you’ll do another pre-show in Sydney, too! :D


  • AdamK

    Heya Tony!

    Wondering if you could give my mate Patrick, and possibly me a shout out on your next podcast! Been introducing him to Drum and Bass and he seems to be liking the stuff I’m showing.

    Also your Podcast 100 Part 1 and 2 were amazing. Listened to them again on the way to North Wales to see the University I will be at in September. There’s nothing better than watching the sunset listening to such tunes as Jonny L – I Let U and Just One Second, the Apex Remix you played on your podcasts. Brought a tear to my eye!

    Thanks alot of these podcasts mate, brightens my day everytime I hear them!


  • roobb

    YEESSS Tony! Please do an all ages show in NZ! im 16 like PandasloveNetsky down there :)

  • mini-risky

    Tony im worried. I will be at Hospitality at the Warehouse Project, (best night of your life). But Im scared i may not come back in one piece, reckon you could set up an actual hospital inside just in case me and my mates tear it up too much? And Big UP! to Hit&Run nights at Area 51. Caught Randomer down there a while back and that night genuinely makes my week every week!!
    Love to hospitality! Rach xo

  • maxi


  • danithut

    hello tony. just want to let you know that your music has always been great to me. I met my current girlfriend 6 years ago at a gig of London Electricity Live in New Zealand. It was the best night of db ever. Ever since I have enjoyed listening to London Elektricity. I would like to thank you for being there and had made it possible for me to meet my girlfriend. Your music is like glue it makes people find each other and make them stick together forever. keep on creating great music. keep on your sick postcast.

  • VAPF

    This is the first Hospital Podcast I’ve listened to. Loving the Jungle Book remix. Where’s my munkeee?

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