Hospital Podcast 111

April 8, 2010 in Podcast

Brand new show with brand new music as always. London Elektricity continues to bring you the hotness from Sick Music 2 with fresh cuts from Agent Alvin, Stanza and Cyantific.

Pre-Order Sick Music 2 now on the Hospital Shop


1. Loigistics – Warehouse – Illskillz Remix
2. Airwalker – Big Sky
3. Cyantific – Hong Kong Express
4. Eleven 8 – Twist
5. dBridge, Skream, Instra:Mental – Detriod
6. Agent Alvin – Moonlight Bay
7. Nu:Tone – Set Me Free
8. Klute – Knowing how to get there
9. Stanza – Rose Garden
10. Seba – Untitled

  • Claire Mitchell

    Hey tony….my first and only for now, piece of vinyl was song in the key of knife… no joke :D Remember me?…the really tall girl thats always at the front at East village, Brighton and Matter, anyways just wanted to say i always have a really great time at hospital nights, and I made friends at my college by spontaneously bringing them to the logistics launch at east village back in september….they love the night too. So thank you for the music…….
    Just a thought; in roughly 18 years there could be two new artists on the scene by the names of Secretary and Chairman :D
    Also well done on signing Netsky, love everything he produces and to watch him mix, he makes me proud to be an eighth belgian.
    Please can you give a shout out on the next podcast to my friends Olivier and the Wimbledon foundation crew.
    Thanks, TallClaire :D

  • harryneubert

    Hello Tony,

    Me and my friend Alessandro have been religiously listening to your podcasts for a while now. They are the dog’s dangleys. Could you please give a shout out to Harry and Alessandro in Bristol. We would ruddy love it!

    Cheers mate, Keep up the good work xxx

  • McCluskey

    Hey tony thanks for another sick podcast! you have got me more than excited for sick music 2. i was very happy to hear that the podcasts are going to be weekly for a while too. can you please give a shout out to my mate muttley because hes a big fan but too bloody lazy to ask for one


    p.s. klute’s tune is called fool’s love. not fools gold or stone love

  • leybht

    Hi Tony,

    No 1 n 2 or pinball fantasies on sick music LP… is this some kind of sick joke?


  • leybht

    p.s. my first bit of vinyl was a white label syncopated city passed to me over your decks when you played at stealth in nottingham september 2008. haven’t looked back since!

  • w16

    Hey Tony,

    Ive been listening to the podcast since I was 13, now im 16 and love every podcast you submit. In fact I bunk off school activities just to download it on a Friday. Also can I get a shout out to my mate Fred in Amsterdam and all the dnb lovers at Hurst College in Sussex!

    Peace to the Hospital Crew .


  • londonelektricity

    Gilo – you can probably imagine how hard it is to decide what not to put on vinyl. if i had my way all the tunes would be on plastic, but an 11 piece vinyl set would be pretty hard to sell!

    1n2 will be on vinyl tho as a follow up 12″ :-)

    and i think pinball fantasy will make it on vinyl on a Finnish label sometime in the summer.

  • Ebg527

    Hey Tony,

    Can I have a big shout out to my best friend James “Jazz” Yates who has recently turned the big 18, and were celebrating it in style as I’ve bought us a pair of Hospitality tickets for Matter on May 7th so we will see yourself and all the hospital crew there for the best ‘legal’ night of our lives.

    Cheers for everything,
    With massive love.
    Ed Burtonshaw-Gunn, Cheshire.

    p.s. I’ve just heard on pod-111 that Netsky will be in the studio for the awaited 112 so a massive birthday shout from yourself and our favourite artist Boris himself will complete his birthday.

  • felipemf

    Hi Tony, I’m from Brazil and i became an avid listener of your podcast since the special 100th edition. I’ve been a fan of DnB since the day I saw the Gran Turismo 5 Ferrari 458 Italia trailer featuring Just One Second (Apex Remix). Please give a shout out to me and all drum and bass lovers in Brazil.

    I’m looking forward to hear more tunes from Sick Music 2 and to the next podcast featuring Netsky.



  • kidninjah

    Hey Tony

    You recently dropped a wicked sketch of your old “Songs in the Key of Knife” reworked for 2010… it was a lot of fun and reminded me how much I liked the original. So I’ve stuck “Pull the Plug” on as I write this. BANZAI!! I had a long break from d’n’b but really like the direction the scene and your label in particular are taking now… it’s as exciting as the really early days once again!

    Can you give mad respect to my good friends Arty and his girlfriend Mel. They’re out doing volunteer development work in the wilds of Cambodia. Arty tells me he goes jogging to the Hospital podcast every morning to help vibe him up and remind him of home, so I think he’d be made up to have a shout out.

    Can you also shout Marc Irvin who I used to write d’n’b tunes with WAY WAY back in the day (like 1996!!). We never got anything released, but we learned a lot and really enjoyed the production process. He’s feelin’ the podcast and the mellower/jazzier side of d’n’b once more, too… but I think his new kids are probably getting in the way of him making any more tunes for a while.

    Nice one, keep rollin’ out the good shit

  • d_j_mercer

    Hey Tony, mental job with the “sick” podcasts recently, Can you give a massive shout out to Taity for landing his new job at Lexus, All the best bud, love the Pole! If you get a chance can you play Sunchase – Remember Me. Such an awesome tune.
    Keep going with extra special work with the casts.

  • PsyNeko

    Hi Tony,

    Big respect for unleashing the Grammar Nazi in pod cast number 111. At the time I was sitting in Cairo International Airport bored out of my mind, and it made my day. You and my old English teacher should have a beer, I’m sure you’d make the best of friends. Also want to give a big shout out to Ill Skillz for his MASSIVE remix of Logistic – Warehouse. BAD BAD TRACK!

    All the best!

    Peter Young from Australia

  • phonografik

    D.Kay can’t make it cos of a wedding,
    D.Kay can make it,
    D.Kay can’t make it because B-complex is playing instead,
    B-complex can’t make it due to Volcanic Ash….

  • dave_burns

    Hi Tony this may be too early to plug but can i have (at some point) a big shout out to the guys at Breakneck and UPdnb for finally organising a Hospitality Portsmouth. June 8th is set to be the biggest drum and bass night in Pompey for a long long time. SHY FX, Nu-Tone, Netsky, Joker and Danny Byrd!!! shame theres no LE but maybe next time eh. Ta

  • londonelektricity

    phonografik – yeah that was definitely NOT destined to happen was it!

  • Morgan Davies

    hi tony
    i’ve been is listener of the podcast since episode 34 and was wondering if you could give a huge shout out to my girl friend jade for buying me a ticket for the hospitality in cardiff on the 24th of april for my 18th birthday which is on the 20th of april, can’t wait to see you, high contrast, david rodigan and breakage bring the place down!

    thanks, morgan

  • Shivaxi

    Can’t believe Little Oranges is finally being signed. That tune has been around for years. So glad to see it finally get out there…such a wicked tune. Big ups =)

  • Roger Berkeley

    i have to say that sick music 1n2 are the best drum&bass compilations so far…
    and all I wanna do is finally turn up the music from sick music 2 on my stereo…
    the songs are like chemicals setting me in a hypnosis…
    they set my mind free and i have no ballast anymore…
    would like to sit in a rose garden at the corner of dartmouth road and memory lane and let my fantasies flip around like a pinball… maybe i see myself taking the hong kong express to twin galaxies…then change directions and sit in the sun without sunscreen at the moonlight bay on atlantis…

    oh and I have a silly question… is the sigma exclusive vip from the download album the new battle theme for the guys who go to millwall and slap chop the other fans?

    now please go to your warehouse and send out sick music 2…

    big up to hospital records, the only true bare religion…;)

  • Oliver

    Not up on iTunes yet? Been checking every half an hour ever since this was posted!

  • Colak

    Airwalker’s tune is released by my old chums at Tek funk recordings – digital only though, sadly… hop on over to chemical records to download!

  • RaWW

    I knew it!!..i wasn’t going to ask you if you were or not, just in case you got offended… but you definitely remind me of me when you trip up on words sometimes.* If it wasn’t for spell check right now you would be either very annoyed with my misspelled words/not notice them at all, or just able to relate. Big it up for the dyslexic producers out there and all spell checkers on internet browsers..oh, and my mate mark and I(rowan) if possible. ;)

    * i.e. podcast 111 at 26:59 :)

  • Jake ekaJ

    Oh hello Tony.

    I love you.

    Please shout this out in your next podcast and I’ll be happy.

    -Jake (the finnish guy)

  • Larsen Tito-Taylor

    Kia-Ora Tony,

    (in New Zealand this means “Hello Brilliant Person” :])

    This is Larsen A.K.A Ghosrok (the silly orc who gave a stupid shout on the Christmas Podcast =P)and I am from New Zealand.I’m a huge fan of the MAASSIVE Hospital Podcast which is a pretty fucking awesome podcast to say the least! FUCK YEAH! I’ve been listening to your podcast and following Hospital Music for ages and it’s great to hear that you’re planning on visiting the beautiful people down here in little old N.Z. :) If you’re going to drop a gig down here which you probably will, I will do everything that I can to get a ticket! It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see you in the flesh and also hear some truly brilliant tunes. I’ll even bring along my russian friend Ivan who listens to this Podcast and is also a big fan of all things Hospital (Big Shouts to Ivan!).big big biiiig ups from all Hospital fans in N.Z and keep the Hospital Movement moving. HOPE TO SEE YOU IN NEEEEW ZEEEAALAAAAND!!!!

    before I go could please give a big shout to Ghosrok. Thank You!

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