Hospital Podcast 112

April 16, 2010 in Podcast

London Elektricity has special guest Netsky in to discuss the upcoming “Sick Music 2″, volcanic ash and 16+ events at Ministry of Sound. A corking show as ever with music from Netsky, Nu:Tone, Breakage and much more…

Also, don’t forget, you could win £50 of Hospital Merchandise in our Marmite “Spread the Love” Party Politics competition, all the info – HERE.


1. Nu:Tone – Battle Theme
2. Mutated Forms – Glory Days – Netsky Remix
3. Bop – Song About My Dog – Subwave Remix
4. Netsky – Iron Heart
5. Dan Habarnam – No Ballast
6. Chew Lips – Karen – Netsky Remix
7. Marmite “Spread the Love” Competition
8. Aswad – City Lock – Breakage Remix
9. Mistabishi – Millwall
10. Bop – Enjoy The Moment – Unquote Remix
11. Muffler – Can You Feel
12. Netsky – Memory Lane

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  • toringful

    Hello Tony, I heard you and Netsky talking about Buenos Aires in podcast 112. I was living there for a year in 2007-08 and that was when I first discovered the Hospital Podcast (somewhere around number 30). It was great because being so far away from home the podcast helped me feel connected with what I had left behind. There is only one drum n bass night there as well so it kept me up to date with the latest tunes. The daddy of drum n bass in BA is DJ Bad Boy Orange who puts on his night +160 (pronounced mas ciento sesenta) at a club called Bahrein. So if you or any of the Hospital lot want to get invited there he is the one to contact.

    Please send a massive shout out to my boyfriend James, who I met while we were living there and who, like me, has been a dedicated follower of the HP ever since.

    Thanks for bringing Hospitality to our lives!


  • Lewis

    Tony!! what is the song you play in the background of the marmite competition section on 112? one of yours I’m guessing?

  • Gizm0

    And the S!ck beats just keep coming yeah! Iron Heart, Millwall and Can You Feel damn they are good! Big up!

  • dav-id

    I LOVE marmite and was just earlier today evangelising it to an Indian girl who also now loves it!

    P.S. What Caribbean restaurant did you refer in this podcast?! I am a Bathonian and I would love to have some of this great food!!!


  • fat_bright

    Tony! Greetings from down under, love the podcast. Just bought tickets to your gig in Perth on the 4th of June. Last year went off so looking forward to more of the same. So glad people like you are still using vinyl. The DJ society at my uni (UWA) is full of cdj fanboys. Keep pushing the PVC ill keep buying it. Would love a shout out for me and my mates on the podcast. Keep up the Siick work.


  • DJ Mobius


    Thanks for the badass podcasts and new tunes you introduce me and my friends to, I live in New Zealand, have only been listening to the podcasts since cast 100, so a new hospital fan and already hooked.
    Over the easter holidays me and my girlfriend Georgia drove 2 Queenstown, she is a avid DnB hater, but she surprisingly loved the podcasts, especially 109 where it has NZ’s very own shapesfifter, slowly converting her ;)
    Glad to hear you coming to Christchurch NZ on your tour, see you there.

    Keep up the good work..

  • jorge_mendes

    WOOT! Spread Love from Lenny Fontana so great and so many good memoirs..

    Great podcast as usual – keep up the goodmoodcreator :) because these podcasts are the best thing for me to enjoy coming to work

    Also Bop – Song About My Dog – Subwave Remix its just brilliant.

    Funny story: today i went to the real Hospital, listening Hospital Podcast, wearing my Hospital Tshirt how redundant is this? lots of fun seeing people trying to read what i had written on tshirt lol

    cheers from portugal

  • Amanda

    Yo Tony :)

    I was really annoyed that I wasn’t able to go to Hospitality UTR, because my parents made me go to visit my grandparents in Ireland instead. It’s all good though, because I showed my grandma my iPod and played her podcast 110, which bewildered her, but I’m pretty sure she liked it :D And I probably would have done illegal things to Boris Netsky if I had gone to UTR, so it’s probably for the best ;) Big love to everyone listening, and know that collectively, we could all get Sick Music 2 into the mainstream charts ♥♥

  • dj BMX

    very nice podcast again Tony !
    lenny fontana RMX by NuTone is just”énorme”, and it’s good to hear some french accent with netsky !!!
    many respect to the belgium junglist.
    and many respect to Johny L… the one plus two is huuuugggggeeeeee !!!!!!

  • Colak

    Is Milwall a remix of Erotic discourse by Paul Woolford?? i still carry that tune in my hiouse bag so i’m looking forward to mixing them 2 tunes together!

    marmite is the fucking business, i’m all abut the yeast extract.

  • boocoo

    Just a quick one mate. I am off to America on 4th may for 2 months, starting off with a bit of a working holiday on a farm 3 hours out of Dallas, Texas. I had to put my trip back a week so i could take delivery of sick music 2 and my new Hospital t-shirt so i can spread the good word about Hospital. I was talking to someone from Long Eaton last week about Hospitality (which i went to in March and watched Danny Byrd smash it)and they had never even heard of Drum and Bass so god knows what they are going to be like in George W Bush Country!!! I will make sure i have some Cyantific, Danny Byrd and Agent Alvin on hand to convert those cowboy-types
    I will keep downloading the podcast while i am away just to have a little taste of home.
    Nice one Tony.
    Colin, Leicester

  • Butcher


    Yeah a little bit, it happens, plenty more in storage, don’t worry :)

    Magic stuff from the new siick album once again, so thanks.

    I fully support unquote in his national duty, it’s tough being a conscript, although as an artist lets hope that the harshness of the situation is turned around by beautiful music that is to come. Many of my Korean friends are being drafted soon, I will miss them terribly.

    Keep playing the music and it will be all alright in the end.

  • Thierry

    All the best to my Belgian mate Netsky, it’s really great to see Belgium making quality DnB!

  • gadisradio

    omg i loveee this podcast!
    massive shout for netsky! hello, Boris!!
    cant wait to see ya on “Paradise in Bali” this november!


  • Boogaloo Thom

    Yes Tony! got sick music 2 through the post today…..

    Fantastic. the upbeats remix of shapeshifters twin galaxies is mind blowing…. was listening whilst sipping tea from my sick music mug.

    Can you give a shout out to my little brother Sam Clarke whos just turned 18 and for his birthday i have purchased him a hospitality at matter ticket…. its going to be his first real nightclub experience……. and the line up is flawless.

    Safe thanks mate, and il see you as ever for my only work out i ever get at HOSPITALITY!!!!!!

  • chrisward

    Hey Tony,
    You may already know this, but your gig at Metros in June just got a few lovely lineup additions. An event scheduled for tonight with Maldini, Moving Fusion and Uman was canceled due to the airport closures in europe. Now they’ve all been bumped along to join the party on June 4th!

    youtube for ‘robot tralala’

  • JessieB

    just got tickets!!
    cant wait to see your pretty face on the 5th of June!!!

    the volcanos better be calmed down by then!

    we have some plans so u wont miss us either.. be on the look out ;)

    p.s im sad cause i don’t get my Sick Music pre-order today because i live to far

  • jonlane

    Hi Tony, cracking podcast with Netsky. I can’t wait for his album released day after my birthday so something nice to look forward to there!

    I was also posting to see if you had heard of a producer called Mount Eden. He’s from New Zealand and independently released a free download only album of remixes last year. He produces a mixture of dnb and dubstep (which I never thought I’d say was any good but is!) and maybe Agent Alvin has already raised his awareness to you as he seems to be a massive hit on youtube. I still think he’s unsigned at this moment.

    Keep up the good work mate and can’t wait for Sick Music 2. Directions by Illskillz is fucking sick and 1n2 by Jonny L is the dogs bollocks. Anyone who says otherwise must be fucking deaf.

    Cheers, Jon

  • JessieB

    Tony.?! Did u k_now the Symbol “&” is purposely, and geometrically proven thru many studies, designed to lead the human mind into moving onto the nxt word!! (and that’s the only exception on the rule to grammatically place &. .AND. .&.

    Cant wait to Catch ya On the 5th of June(Even if its half as “Off Tap” as when u played @ Favela in Australia) with my Girl friend Jessy! We got us some tickets already =)

    See ya there Man!! .. I’m certain ur see us both, we Love To stand out!Woop! SUMONE HAS TO OUT HERE!! :-P

    Charlie B (Prex)
    Born: London.
    Bred in Cambridge (uk)

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Yes Tony! got sick music 2 through the post today…..

    Fantastic. the upbeats remix of shapeshifters twin galaxies is mind blowing…. was listening whilst sipping tea from my sick music mug.

    Can you give a shout out to my little brother Sam Clarke whos just turned 18 and for his birthday i have purchased him a hospitality at matter ticket…. its going to be his first real nightclub experience……. and the line up is flawless.

    Safe thanks mate, and il see you as ever for my only work out i ever get at HOSPITALITY!!!!!!

  • BennyC

    Cracking podcast Tony loved it mate!

    Slap chop is an insane tune. Very excited for your up coming gig in Melbourne which is doubling as my early 24th birthday celebration! Can’t wait to hear you drop some of these awesome tunes I have been hearing the last few months.


    Thanks Tony for rockin’ awesome drum and bass tunes into my headphones on a regular basis love this podcast keep up the awesome work.


  • ant456

    Just downloaded the lastest edition of the podcast and even though the tracklisting and graphics were different the audio was the same as 111 .. is this just me ??

  • moliver777

    Hey Tony! Can you give a shout out to Mark, Oli, Swarls and Jimmy from Stoke? We’ll be at Hospitality in May (first time for Oli and Star). Looking forward to seeing Netsky. Heard ‘Secret Agent’ on Ministry Of Sound radio the other day… that tune is going to be huge!

  • Jake ekaJ

    Yes Tony, I love everybody.

    Only little bit under 2 weeks until Sick Music 2 <3

  • Claire Mitchell

    Aww thank you for the amazing shout Tony :D…im gutted i couldnt be there last night….problems with friends or lack of, that are into drum and bas….you should run a buddy system for hospital singletons. Anyway thank you. LOVE HOSPITAL, HATE HATERS x

  • GBrainY

    London ELEK!!! I absolutely love this podcast, BORIS NETSKY is awesome. I can’t wait to get my preorder sick music 2 in the mail. Any chances at giving me a shout again? Brandon Grainy man, i got a shout a while back, but i have been diving deeper into the dnb scene ever since. Plans are still on to come to Hospitality this summer and live large. Thanks a lot man, i can’t wait for the Netsky album to come out as well. Huge love from the US!

  • Roger Berkeley

    and a big round of applause to you for reading it out…

  • Clément

    Waow, both Bop remixes are great!

    Tony, can you give a shout to my friend Morgan, since he introduced me to DnB, and now I’m pretty much addicted to your podcast!

    Cheers from switzerland!

  • brewburns

    Simple Marmite on toast. Can’t beat it! give me free stuff elek!

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