Hospital Podcast 121

August 16, 2010 in Podcast

Danny Byrd is in the hot seat as we introduce our 3rd bundle of the summer.

The “Weapons Cluster” features all of the finest tracks from Hospital’s battle ready series “Weapons Of Mass Creation” artists such as Blame, John B, Makoto and many more are present with a plethora of awesome tracks.

Also there are new tracks from Danny and more!

Grab the weapons cluster on the HOSPITAL SHOP


1. Danny Byrd – Ill Behaviour
2. Cyantific + Logistics – Brighter Day
3. DJ Fresh – Talkbox -Camo + Krooked Remix
4. Laroque – Goldfinger
5. Logistics – The Trip
6. Syncopix – 8-bit Blues
7. Apex feat Ayah – Space Between
8. John B – Without You
9. Tomahawk – Straw Dogs
10. Shock One – Polygon – Dirty Phonics Remix
11. Shapeshifter – The Touch – Netsky Remix
12. Lauren Pritchard – Painkillers – Roni Size Remix
13. Danny Byrd – Amen Alley

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  • Oliver

    Awesome podcast. Listened to it three times over! Especially loved the Shock One, Roni Size and Byrd tunes.

  • londonelektricity


  • Swanvest

    One sentence to sum up the latest podders!

    “Bigness On TAP”

    Cant wait for Mr Byrd’s Album launch!

  • patrick

    amazing podcast. great tunes danny.

  • Feinta

    Massive cluster bomb of an album. See what i did there?
    Looking forward for lots of guests and hos poddy newness over the summer.
    Cheers Danny

  • Zach

    I was going to write a comment sung in a holy choir type voice, but i don’t know how you’d write that and have it read like that.

  • xenophunk

    am i right in saying:
    catalog # – NHS176CD
    release – 15/10/10 (Day / Month / Year)
    tracks – 15


  • London Elektricity

    @ xenophunk – something like that

  • Wilf

    Hey Tony! That was an awesome podcast, big love to the Byrd for his new album! Can i get a shout out to all my mates at Hurst on results day?!? I did terrible with UUED but at least i can now celebrate getting them with some sick hospital tunes!!!!

  • colak

    just thought i’d do a quick post to let heads know the roni size lauren pritchard remix is available for free from if anyone wants it!

  • The Craig

    Please give a big shout to the Grimeboat City Boys!

  • djb64

    Found this, (a bit off topic)

    London Elektricity (with band) playing some tracks from ‘Powerballads’ live on
    radio one back in ’95 . very nice :)


  • djb64

    hmmm , i think i meant 2005
    and the direct link is

    sorry about that!

  • Adam

    Great podcast as always!

    When I found out the lineup for Hospitality in Brixton I was really excited about it, as it would have been the first Hospitality I had gone to. But when I saw when it was being held, I was absolutely gutted, as its in the same week as my fresher’s week in University in North Wales. So sadly I can’t go but I know its gonna be a huge night, a shame I’m still a Hospitality virgin! :D

    Love the work you and the rest of the crew are doing, looking forward to Danny Byrd’s new album and future podcasts!


  • An American


    I do not mean to be offensive, and I ask this purely out of curiosity, so if you feel offended I apologize in advance.

    here it goes:

    Do you not like Americans?

    An American

  • ayk

    Tony & Danny,

    thanks for great podcasts! I’ve just returned from a self organised bootcamp in Tuscany to prepare myself for my first-ever triathlon on september first. I did over 600 kms cycling/running/swimming listening to both hospital podcasts and Eric Clapton. I doesn’t get any better than that! Im totally ready now for the race next week.

    I’ve got two questions: what ever happened to the Danny Byrd ft. Brookes brothers tune that was played around podcast 91 – ( on YouTube it’s called paperchase but it was untitled at the time of the podcast? I LOVE that one, where can I buy it? Will it be on the next album maybe?

    2nd question – what does it mean to ‘sign’ an artist to a label ? Very excited about Shapeshifter – but what does it mean ?

    Can you give a shout out to my family in Italy that supported me while training, especially my niece Celeste and my uncle Fabrizio ?

    Cheers Tony & Danny and the Hospital team, keep the tunes/podcasts/albums coming!

  • Some Nerve

    Just wondering if the “All hell is breaking loose” video was based on any particular grave yard. If it was could you please tell me the post code. Saw this thing on the Virgin Trains website and it reminded me off the video, although they were friendly zombies in your video.

    Hospital could do something similar where you throw H frisbies ( frisbies with the Hospital logo on them) at the zombies and they go from trying to kill you to busting a move . This would be a great game – as an homage to Hospitality at Matter you could do this in and around the 02 at around 7ish on a saturday morning!! Could the Trickartt pull this off?

  • vlad


    Not sure but Paperchase features in the recent Essential mix by Danny. (about ~12:45)

  • ayk

    @vlad – thanks, indeed, that’s the one!

  • londonelektricity

    @an american:

    that’s like asking someone if they like TV. i don’t watch much TV, but there some great TV programs and a lot of terrible ones. funnily enough, most of the truly great ones in recent years were made in America.

  • jonny


    was at creamfields last weekend was amazing saw high contrast who was representing hospital records and may i say he represented extremely well!!!! BIg up to hospital records and high contrast and of course the one and only london elektricity!!!

    jonny x

  • Another American

    You should bring your good self down here again… in the next years or so, since ur pretty busy. America will welcome you with open arms…and a nice fat blunt :) Bring on the noize!!

  • xenophunk

    paperchase i think might be on rave digger

    but i saw some tracklist

    and i didn’t see any ft. brookes brothers ;~;

    then again the byrdman contacted me himself to say that there were still tracks going on

    or that some weren’t

  • An American


    that is an excellent simile.

  • Johan

    Great podcast, so many amazing tunes!

    I just wanted to know what version of Lauren Pritchard – Painkillers (Roni Size Remix) you played?
    If you search the web, youtube or check Lauren Pritchards site you get another version. This one you played seems impossible to find! Just search youtube for it and you will hear the difference after 1:03 into the track.
    Hope we can get our hands on the version you played on the show. thanks!

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