Hospital Podcast 122

September 1, 2010 in Podcast

Chris Goss took the controls this week for another podcast full of basslines and upfront tracks. New music from Danny Byrd + remixes of New Zealands’ Shapeshifter are included plus tracks from Phace, Subwave and wicked Nu:Tone remix of Unicorn Kid.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


Danny Byrd – Moonwalker
Unicorn Kid – Wild Life (Nu:Tone Remix)
New Zealand Shapeshifter – Twin Galaxies (Upbeats VIP)
Mutated Forms feat Jenna G – Last time
Royalston – Glitch Bitch
Phace – Vintage
Blame – Hindsight
Cyantific – Neon Skyline
Underworld – Moon In Water
Subwave – Road Rage
Vicious Circle – Snorkel
Magical Gravity – Best Of Friends

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  • Robert Batchelor

    Hello from France!
    Could you give a shout out to my best friend Ben Clarkson who is 23 on the 16th of september! He introduced me to the Hospital Podcast and I have been addicted ever since! Miss you mate and will see you in the year 2011!!! Thanks Hospitality!

  • An American

    If Drum and Bass were a shape, what kind of shape would it be?

  • londonelektricity

    go goose go

  • Andrey

    Tony’s greetings tell please and the Hospital shop accepts roubles or only pounds

  • londonelektricity

    @ andrey: if you meet up with Zac in a dark alley he’ll take rubles for sure! much stronger than sterling. but not on the website sadly!

  • Andrey

    Tony if I will order a T-shirt hospital for pounds, To its Russia deliver or too a regional ohm

  • Zach

    Excellent, excellent podcast. I was stuck on the first two songs for hours. It feels like it’s been ages since any big releases have been on there way, even though that is not necessarily the case. big shout to you guys for working, pretty much, all the time.
    (at least it seems that way)

  • xenophunk

    Thanks Chris.

    Moonwalker was one of the songs that helped me overcome mental anguish from my father being in hospital, my girlfriend leaving me for my best friend, and being beaten up for no reason by high school thugs.

    It gave me hope that after all the shit – there’s still something out there.

    Thank you to Danny Byrd for composing such an uplifting song.

    And a massive thank you to London Elektricity for having a podcast to uplift my spirits with your humour, your music and your guests.

  • Oliver

    The Byrd album is going to be absolutely HUGE. Bigger than Netsky’s. Bigger than Sick Music 1 and 2. Bigger than Logistics’. I’m trying not to listen to the songs available to me (pretty much Moonwalker and Ill Behaviour at the moment) too much before they release so the whole album will be fresh for me when it arrives!

    Great to hear of the new Nu:Tone album coming next year along with the London Elek LP, and it’s great to see some new Cyantific stuff coming out even if it isn’t on Hospital.

    Please can I have a shout out for my girlfriend Rebekah and our two brothers Rhys and Matt who are eagerly anticipating the Rave Digger album (almost) as much as I am!

    Oliver from New Zealand.

  • The Swanvest

    Big tunes delivered on this weeks instalment of the Hospital podcast,

    Thanks for the shout , although it is bigness on tap not t.a.p!!

    Brixton I can feel is going to be the best thing since sliced.bread! O yes

  • Gizm0

    Great enjoyable podcast as always, Mr. Chris Goss you have done well, very well indeed. Looking forward to the Shapeshifter the system is a remix album alongside the Byrd man’s new album, theyre both going to be SICK! Big UP!

  • Joel

    Greets from Finland!
    I really enjoyed this podcast. Nu:Tone’s remix of Wild Life was WICKED! I also wait Danny Byrd’s new album, it’s out same day as my birthday!

  • David


    Could you give a shout out on the next podcast to Al, aka Mr Douche (as in douchebag) who has just moved from London to Colombia to teach at a school over there. He’s a veteran of many Hospitalities at Herbal, Fabric and Matter as well as nights with Hospital artists at Stealth and Detonate in Nottingham and would really appreciate hearing a shout out and something banging from the back catalogue to make him feel at home in his new home Barranquilla!



  • Jenna Sinclair

    Hi Tony, just to say thanks for the shout out you did to me a couple of podcasts back from my boyfriend (SAM BELL) who had been travelling and not we’d seen each other for two months. He greeted me at the airport with that podcast on his ipod and just told me to listen. Such a nice touch! Thanks to both of you, and hope to see you at Brighton! x

  • Alex Craig

    Sout out to Lifetime logistics mix, asolute tune.

    Shout out to Grimebot City, Myself and Dan Bucks!

    Shout out to yourself for a heavy podcast.


  • Pete

    Hey Tony
    Way back in 2009, on the christmas podcast you played a song after Logistics – Repetition. I’ve literally been searching high and low for that song, but i cant find it anywhere, could you point me in the right direction?
    Also Shout out to up.dnb of portsmouth.

  • Zach

    Last Thursday, I started my fourth year of College. I have to say the rest of this year and next are going to be rife with new beginnings. You guys at Hospital are beginning a great relationship with New Zealand Shapeshifter, I’m taking steps to begin a new course in my education by switching to a dual major, one in Digital Arts and another in Game Design. I am very excited and can already tell that the rest of this year and next are going to be, pardon my language, fucking amazing. That feeling is fortified by the fact that I’ll have your Drum and Bass lending me inspiration every step of the way. System is a Remix is out of this world and is already inspiring me to greater than I ever have before. I can’t wait to hear what else you have in store for us. you guys rock!

  • Tall Claire

    Hey Tony, been missing you not on the podcasts and seeing you play out… Thank you for the great shout out on the Bondicast…i was in real hospital at the time and then couldnt make it the fabric hospitality because i had to be basically quarantined :s…so that was lovely when I got out :D

    Ive just got to bristol to start my Graphic Design course at uni and just saw that you guys are doing a bath night too :D wicked. Cant wait for bristol hospitality…its been too long since we were hospitalised at matter :(

    Have a great time at brixton. Take Care

    Tall Claire x

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