Hospital Podcast 131

December 7, 2010 in Podcast

London Elektricity is host for Hospital Podcast 131 and he brings awesome new music from Nu:Logic as their “New Technique” EP is released. Also Seba, Sigma and Johnny Cage are all featured in another storming Hospital Podcast.

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Phace + Misanthrop – Desert Orgy
Danny Byrd – We Can Have It All – Sigma Remix
Icicle feat SP:MC – Dreadnought
Nu:Logic – Sundown
Ultra Code – Scandinavian
Stretch + Vern – I’m Alive BCEE + Mr Mess Remix
Johnny Cage – Navigator
Eric Prydz – Niton – Sigma Remix
Nu:Logic – Relentless
Seba – Nostalgia
  • Andrey

    Тони спасибо за подкаст, треки Nu:logic просто супер, еще Nostalgia неплохая работа, отдельное спасибо sigma за ремиксы, жду Рождественского подкаста и в нем лучших работ уходящего 2010 года

    Andrey from Russia (It there where is very cold)

  • Phonografik

    I think that Desert Orgy Song just gave me chlamydia…

  • Nyasha

    Адрей, ты такой ахуенный что я теперь хочу от тебя детей.

    I’m from Russia too, and in my house +26 degrees

  • Andrey

    ахуенный пишется через О

    Nyasha What for to write uncivilized words, would estimate a podcast, from what city such girl where isn’t present muzhiks that can’t make children……

    Nyasha bad Girls

  • londonelektricity

    oi russians stop flirting with each other in russian do it in english!

  • Andrey

    Ok Tony!!!

  • Craig

    big up your set in Sheffield on friday

  • Jesse Crcockett

    Tony – the lil’ sampled voice in “Desert Orgy” does say “bloodshed” the first time around…you didn’t imagine it! (-;

  • Marc

    hey tony, you gonna drop us one of these new london elektricity tunes we’ve been hearing such much about on the christmas cast?

    I think we all need something new this christmas…

  • Felicity

    Jeez Tony do you wanna mention the weather a bit more? Please stop boring those of us who are lucky enough to have escaped Blighty and it’s shitty weather. You are putting me off my sunbathing and Pimms drinking. Thanks ever so much, kiss kiss.

    (Love from Melbourne)

  • Kalina

    All i want for christmas.. is a work placement at hospital records next year!

  • Peter Mcewan

    hello london elektricity

    Could you please give a shout out on the next podcast to my mate Ben who has only just started subscribing. I told him to listen to the one with you tearing into Henrik in number 118, because that one made me laugh my fucking head off. In fact when I first heard it I was on the train, the person next to me moved seat because she obviously thought I was a crazy or something.

    I was also wondering whether you could play Apex’s ‘String Theory’?

  • http://hospital Dan

    hey tony the podcasts this year have been fucking brilliant thanks alot for playing so many amazing and inspirational tunes hope 2011 can be even better both podcasts and the hospitality festivles once again thanks alot bud. p.s on the next podcast can you do a shout out to Dan White and the PL7 soldiers that would be fantastic if you could many thanks
    Dan :)

  • Bradd earea

    Just played memory lane (netsky) at a westy metal party in Palmerston north nz, well accepted only song so far played in it’s entirety, probably a bit old now but eh. Been listening since podcast 82 I think but first contact here haha.

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