Hospital Podcast 151

August 17, 2011 in Podcast

Tony in the house for podcast 151 with new music and a minimix of his yikes remixed album!

Camo & Krooked feat. Jenna G and Futurebound – In The Future – Hospital
Hamilton – Echos – Ram
Andy C – Finders Keepers – Ram
Calibre – Ugly Duckling – Signature
D*Minds – Subcrate – Critical Modulations
Calibre – No More – Signature
Yikes! Re-mini-mix!! tracklist:
1. Invisible Worlds – B Complex remix
2. Around The World In A Day – Royaltson remix
3. Plan – Logistics Remix
4. Had A Little Fight – Stray remix
5. U Gotta B Crazy – Enei remix
6. Love The Silence – Mutated Forms remix
7. Fault Lines – Unquote
8. Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm – S.P.Y remix
9. Yikes – Lung remix
10. Meteorites – Danny Byrd remix
  • Tom Hattersley

    tony, i loved the podcast man. that royalston remix blew my mind, much love for saying the truth about the london riots. me and my mates richard and matt have been to countless hospitality gigs. i know its a mighty slim chance bit if you gave a shout out to tom, richard, matt and anna it would pretty much make our year haha. thanks a lot for the music and keep going tony.

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