Hospital Podcast 244 with London Elektricity

November 6, 2014 in Podcast

London Elektricity returns with a brand new, vinyl only edition of the Hospital Records podcast. Expect the latest dubs from the likes of Nu:Tone, Lynx, Marcus Intalex, Calibre and Anile, as well as a handful of timeless classics…

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Nu:Tone ‘Til Dawn’
Chroma ‘Always Be There’
Logistics ‘Colour Wheel’
Nu:Tone ‘Say That You’ll”
DKay ‘Babylon’
Lynx ‘Where are you?’
Vromm ‘El sol’
Etherwood ‘Disposition’ (alt. version)
DJ Detweiler
Digital ‘Red Tape’
John B ‘Robot Lover’ (Logistics remix)
High Contrast ‘Somethings Never Change’
Concord Dawn ‘You don’t have to run’
Villem ‘Another Star’
BCee ‘Beyond Relief’ (Technimatic remix)
Logistics ‘Wanderlust’
Logistics ‘City Life’
Nu:Tone ‘Tides’ feat. Lea Lea
Marcus Intalex & Calibre ‘Somethin’ Heavy’
Anile ‘Losing My Mind’
Thunderbirds Are Go!

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