Hospital Podcast 273 with London Elektricity

September 8, 2015 in Podcast

Hospital podcast 273 features brand new music from Krakota’s forthcoming “Citadels EP”, more stunning music from Etherwood’s chart topping album “Blue Leaves” + music from the likes of Sam Binga, LSB, Calibre + more…

Etherwood ‘The Rain Will Fall’ (feat. LSB)
Chills ‘Goggin1’
Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris ‘Wirecutter’
Mako ‘Candle In The Cage’
Calibre ‘Believe It’
Krakota ‘Crash Pads’
Zero T ‘Rainha’ (feat. Stamina MC) (DLR alternative emo mix)
LSB ‘Hideaway’
Enter Shikari ‘The Bank Of England’ (Lynx remix)
Muffler ‘Stone Cold’
Etherwood ‘For A Time I Was You’
Denai Moore ‘Detonate’ (Keeno remix)
Machine Code ‘Something’ (feat. CZA)
War Machine ‘Havana’
Overlook ‘Distant Blues’
Sam Binga ‘Dub and Spirit’
Etherwood ‘The Last Hour’

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