Hospital Podcast 76

January 13, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity is back with a bang in 2009 bringing you fresh music from Mistabishi, Sigma & Furney…

There are the results of our Chritsmas raffle and even a restaurant review.

Let us know your thoughts…

  • daniel_slatkin

    Another legendary podcast episode! I have never gotten tired of listening to any one of them and have also never gotten tired of DJing your tracks. Any advice for an aspiring DnB DJ who lives in a world where 90% of the population has never heard of Drum and Bass? (USA)

    Again, great stuff!

  • cpbrown

    love drop, also is GirlTalk actually getting a release?

  • Archidub

    Thanks for another wicked podcast Tony, what a way to start the new year. “Lights Really Bad” is an awesome track and I am glad to have bagged one of the TP’s. Mistabishi is on fire right now.

    A mate just emailed me saying that I was all “drum and bass, drum and bass, drum and bass” and that “I was like Ray Charles in the Louvre (not a clue)Sort it out!”…Of course I blame you for this! Any idea what he’s talking about? Because obviously I am not in the least bit obsessed with DNB!

    Glad that the B Complex track is getting a release on HR…

    Douglas Harding (Cape Town)

  • barclaywinter

    Just wondering. Isn’t the second song called Division Ten by State of Mind.

    Anyway Great Podcast.

  • tom_p

    Great podcast! …except for the Focus track. Could it have been any more unimaginative!?

  • minesar

    damn tony, i thought we had an agreement. i win your dubs from the christmas raffle!! lol
    oh well, another great cast tony, gotta love mista! anyway man if you get a chance can u throw me and the element unknown crew in busselton australia a shout?
    love ya work man

  • perspective

    Can’t wait for El Presidente VIP… Bagged a promo copy of Drop as soon as I heard about it.

    Pizza express is the shit, but Pizza hut w/lunchtime all you can eat buffet deal pisses all over it. My personal best is 24 slices in under an hour.

    Big ups Tony, loving the podcast :)

  • Helldhaz

    Really looking forward to Drop. Also seconding an earlier comment on the potential release of Girl Talk.

  • ST33L PH03NIX

    You should have used the “Do you know who I am?!” line with them and gone into diva mode…

    pizza express is a good emporium but has nothing on pizza hut.

    Great podcast, Furney tune is big! ;)


  • JIM

    I’m not sure how i ever kept up with the dnb scene without these podcasts, it’s so refreshing to listen to such original well selected material each time. Absolutely LOVIN the drop, ‘lights really bad’ is simply sublime, Mistabishi is killing it right now!! mad props!

  • Phonetics

    Alright Tony, thanks for another sick cast. Wasn’t sure about the restaurant review when you first mentioned it but was actually proper funny. Nice one.

    Just wanted to say big up High Contrast for his set at Detonate on NYE – was a sick way to bring in the new year and was definitely feeling that basement track remix he played at 12am.

    And a general big up to all at Hospital, lot of people on form at the moment and you’re doing a wicked job. Would be good to get yourself and more Hospital artists playing in Nottingham a bit more often. Safe man take care.

  • Aquari

    Great start to the new year, wicked podcast. Especially loving the restaurant review and the voice you put on when impersonating Theo the chef @ pizza express, was close to wetting myself laughing.
    Keep up the good work Tony.
    All the best to you and the Hospital Kru


  • Boogaloo Thom

    In the latest podcast You seemed a little grumpy Tony…. Hope everything is bless in the Hospital Camp…. Loving that Morning Rain Trisektor Tune…. Great Podcast sir!

    and the burbs tune from podcast 73 is sweet……

    i don’t know if this is where u do shout outs but can u do a shout out to Boogaloo Beats! In Hitchin….

    I Am forever blazin the Podcasts in the shop and in the Lounge P studio.

    Fabric was amazing… I loved one of the last tunes you played, proper ambient, i havent got a clue what it is though…. everyone got their lighters out… Blazin!


    *oh and yeah i strongly agree on the release of Girl Talk….

    Safe, again.

  • londonelektricity

    sorry but i am grumpy at the moment, it’s because of what’s happening in Gaza FFS. Just felt i should keep it off the podcast so I was bottling it.

  • B-complex

    Not just Gaza, the tension is rising, russia is showing muscles and along ukraine is taking people hostages in their gas conflict (bosnians are experiencing winter like in the time of war), izrael decided to start another conflict, we’ve got alarming situation with global warming, and world economy is fucked.. but it’s usually time of crisis when good art happens to be made, so hopefully at least from this point of view we can expect something memorable in 2009…

    Thanks for signing Beautiful lies on Hospital it’s an honor!

  • londonelektricity

    thats the best way to look at life you are right. and the honour is ours mate :-)

  • Thom

    This may have already been said but I feel so strongly about it that I thought I’d post it. I personally felt disgusted to hear Tony make false historical claims that the bombings of Hiroshima were “just an experiment” in a worldwide broadcast media. I don’t subscribe to the Hospital Podcast to hear someone’s political opinions. This also has reference to Tony’s use of his “celebrity status” to voice his disapproval of Boris Johnson as a political candidate. Kids listen to this show and I think it’s irresponsible to influence their ideals so crudely.

    Just keep the show about drum & bass – that’s what we’re here for!


  • Boogaloo Thom

    The Fact that the previous user has the same name spelt as me has nothing to do with me or my views, im not big on politics and such.


  • katalyst

    Hey Tony,

    Great podcast.

    I think the fact a few people are getting slightly butthurt over the politik talk is hilarious, and in reality it’s still your medium for expressing whatever you want (ranging from Hiroshima to the War on Vinyl).

    Frankly, I think it’s refreshing to hear something a bit different. Keep it up.


  • kayaitch

    Hi Tony,

    Just a quick note to say that the latest podcast was wicked, def brought a reprieve to dark january weather and news. No longer doing search marketing with pugwash, but working at a tea company – – gimme a shout if you fancy some samples, drinking that stuff while listening to tunes is a great mix, cheers and happy new year!

  • Boogaloo Thom

    Totally, because if someone is in to politics, they will listen to what is said and be influenced by it, which is great, simply because that is how politics can work…

    but for someone who doesnt really take an interest in politics it cant be harmful as all Tony is doing is voicing an opinion, his opinion, that obviously means alot to him. it did not bother me at all and plenty of people i have spoken to that listen to the podcast were not affected either, stop pickin at it… let opinions be heard, this country is becomining to supressed as it is.

    Sunchase – You know

    what a tune!!

  • londonelektricity

    in reply to Thom: this is not public access broadcasting, we pay the bandwidth costs so i can say whatever the fuck i want – the only shut down i’ll accept is from my work colleagues or my wife.

    You may be interested to know that before Hiroshima and Nagasaki were nuked, Germany had already surrendered, Japan was suing for peace through the Russians, the US air force had firebombed all major Japanese cities (including Tokyo 9 times the size of Hiroshima) reducing the Japanese threat to a totally ineffective level. Hiroshima, Nagasaki and 3 other possible nuclear targets were left totally untouched by conventional weapons so that wen they were nuked, all effects could be measured photgraphed and analysed to test the effects of a real world nuclear strike. It was indeed a real life experiment.

    Coupled to that was the fact that the USA govt had spent billons of $ on developing the atom bomb and they were running out time to justify the expenditure – they knew if they waited for Japan to formally surrender then they could not justify the cost by using the weapons.

    you know where the unsubscribe button is.

  • londonelektricity

    and yeah kayaitch bring on the tea! tea makes the world go round :-)

  • vanemuine

    Good to hear someone cares. About nuking Japan there’s several theories about the aims, one of the strongest is that US had to force Soviet Army to push back from Europe without declaring the war to Soviet Union. SU was only few years behind from US for developing their own nuke. After WW II half of Europe fell under control of communist parties (would say under the control of SU) and only power that stopped communists from spreading was the fear for nuclear war. Today, 20 years after Cold War Russia is still the country with highest number of nuclear weapons.

    Now it is 21st century and Russia is ruled mostly by former KGB. Who ever has hear about their working policy can imagine what that means for Russian and mostly international society. Oil price is running on lowest levels of last 10 years and Russia is losing one of it’s most important state income – income from oil. That means if the price of oil won’t exceed 50$/barrel, Russia as a country runs on tracks of bankruptcy. Unfortunately best way to get the oil prices to increase is through the war. That is a bitter reality for Ukraine and Georgia. Mostly for Georgia, because Europe has planned to build Nabucco gas pipeline through this country that would give Europe independency from Russian energy purveyance (note that Russia gets most of it’s gas from Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan).

    Although politics works mostly against former east block countries most important is to keep up the good spirit for better tomorrow. Past is something to keep in mind and where to study from, present is for enjoying the nice moments and future is for living for.

    Thanks for great podcast!

  • WillMorgan

    Can’t believe so many ignorant dickheads are whining about politalk.

    Politalk or not, the writing is clearly on the wall with all of the Japan business and I for one didn’t know the ins and outs of it until I heard it on the podcast.

    So you can either take away some fresh new tunes and some information and awareness you may not have had in the first place, or you can come here and whine.

    If you want music that hasn’t been spoken over, then go out and buy it.. I know a place called if you’ve never heard it before. If nobody spoke on a podcast, would it really be that interesting? My guess is no.

  • kezla

    Great start to the year, I listen to the podcasts at 2am when i can’t sleep and that restaurant review had me laughing out loud, probably waking the rest of the house up.

    El Presidente VIP is a huge tune, can’t wait for that.

    And that fact about vinyl pressings is very encouraging, long live vinyl!

    Kez :)

  • Dalla

    Hey Tony

    Looking foward to Mistabishis new album alot. Would go to the Brighton Hospitality but Im 18 in 2 months so Im afraid Im going to have to wait :(

    Was a great podcast with some storming tunes. Im glad your just open about what you think and express your views. Deep respect.

    If your in a grumpy mood you have to see the greatest drum and bass related video ever! Had me in tears!

    Restaurant wise next time your in Brighton head down to Brio. My familys restaurant. Beats Pizza Express hands down haha!

    Riccardo from Brighton

  • ShyGuy


    This is basically a desperate plea that is more than likely to be completely irrelevant.

    But here goes…
    I am 18 on May 14th and my brother is 21 on May 13th. On the hospital website it says hospitality is the 3rd Friday of every month, which would mean I would be celebrating my 18th in hospital bliss. With the last hospitality on the 9th of Jan (2nd Friday) i was worried that this was now not the case.

    I was wondering whether you knew when the Hospitality at Matter will be in May? PLEEEEEEEEEEASE BE ON THE 15th!

    Much love for all the hospital crew, and the podcast.

  • Riley

    There will be drum and bass on the first Friday of every month at Matter, Hospitality and Ram alternate months…

    March 6th – Hospitality
    April 3rd – Ram
    May 1st – Hospitality

    so you might have to wait until July unfortunately…

  • Pfhor

    Yo Tony,

    Great podcast this week! I started listening to the podcast a couple months ago and I was wondering if there was anyplace I could download the podcasts before episode 70 (the first one I downloaded). Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!


  • ChrisO

    Awsome podcast Tony!

    I really loved Lights Really Bad by Mistabishi.

    Do you know when its gonna come out on itunes?

    Just recently got into drum and bass and I’m absolutely loving it!

    It’s great to hear new and original music instead of all the complete dross that litters our charts.

    Cheers Tony for a fantastic podcast that makes my train journeys seem so much shorter!

    Also could I possibly have a shout on the Next podcast?


    Chris Owen, 14.

  • fotostuze

    Give us the ****ing money indeed. I do like the new restraunt review, perhaps you might like to give my local chinese a visit. Just dont order anything but chips or else they WILL get your order wrong! Hopefully ill get to meet the CEO oh hospital next month at southampton uni. See u there.
    ps Loving Hocus Pocus by Focus.

  • Slowman


    Just received my TP of Drop. Thanks for the speedy delivery. And oh my gosh, what an album! I’m speechless. Massive shout to Mistabishi it’s going to be huge!

    Keep up the good work


  • Riley

    Hospital Podcast 76
    1. Mistabishi – Lights Really Bad

    2. State Of Mind – Flawless (sigma Remix)

    3. Sigma – El Presidente VIP

    4. Mikal – You’re The One

    5. Focus – Hocus Pocus Solid Roots Edit

    6. Artificial Intelligence – Days Of Rage

    7. Mistabishi – Heaven’s Sake

    8. Trisector – Morning Rain

    9. Furney – Pipes

  • Kutuzov

    russian mtv detected on pic ;-)

  • JRod

    Only went and won the jacket in the raffle didn’t I !!!

    BOOM! Thanks Tony, you are promoted to ~Hero status, as if you weren’t already!!

    Keep on cranking out the tunes guys,

    Happy 009!

  • Rich Holman

    Another great podcast, and as you say printer jam smashed it, also loved greed, you’re set was better than lincolns, which in my opinion is praise indeed!

    take it easy


  • WillMorgan

    The best podcast so far this year!

    The bar is set high…

  • Roger Berkeley

    so the “drop” album already lays on my desk at work since monday,but i am not home till friday and the turkey made my ears itch.
    so thanks for the medication.
    heaven`s sake….no more itching…
    the podcast came to the right time.
    great new tunes you picked.
    liked flawless and days of rage.
    on my list!

    so i hope hospital will continue this year like it started.hope i can make it to a hospitality.
    and i can`t wait to hear the next restaurant review. that was really entertaining.
    and farting at big raves is ok,cause the farts are sniffed away quickly;)

    so 72 more hours to go till i can finally experience “drop” on a proper sub.
    big shouts.
    have a good 2009.


  • frugo3000

    Tony! Stop talkin through the whole tune! You make me sad :(((((

  • Maltos

    Oh wow! Hocus Pocus! One of my favourite tunes; what an awesome remix. Any info on a release?!
    Also what about Girl Talk by Syncopix? Any release info on that?

    What a great podcast! Nice one Tony!

  • Shivaxi

    I hope one of those “horrible demos” you got weren’t mine….i just sent them yesterday night….well….night in the USA at least…

    Love the tunes, and the restaurant review was hilarious….keep it up! ^^

  • Armstrong

    Got my Hospital Mix 7 pre-order through the post today, and it is brilliant! congrats to the byrdmeister on a fantastic mix!!

    Podcast is a fantastic listen as always, restaurant review was definately a laugh, also loving the el presidente vip, and the two mistabsishi tracks. the dubplate sample on the HR homepage of ‘From Memory’ sounds wicked :)

    Keep it Up!

    Aaron – Aberystwyth Uni

  • James Gray

    Is anyone else having trouble with the download of 76? I can’t even seem to play it through the iTunes store???



  • ArkeeDUB

    Hey Tony,

    Yet another storming podcast. The Mistabishi track “From Memory” reminded me exactly why it is that I love drum and bass and commit so much time and money to collecting vinyl releases. I think it is wicked that the podcast has allowed me as a fan to follow the rise of the phenomenally talented Mistabishi from his first demo on the podcast through to his forthcoming debut album of Hospital. It has also been wicked to chart the progression of the podcast itself from #1 (Yep, I was there from day dot) to the current 77th. We have seen the introduction of the democast, the short-lived trackitdown “hit-parade”, the Nu-Tone production cast, hilarious artist interviews, the enhancement of the podcast to include images and of course the new “restaurant review section”.

    I am glad to hear that you have consented for the previous podcasts to be hosted online as I need 43 and 47 to complete my collection!

    Massive respect to you and the entire Hospital Crew and good luck with the new Hospitality residency @ Matter.

    Douglas Harding (Cape Town)

    p.s.: The offer still stands for a one-off “Hospitality Cape Town” in 2009. Perhaps you could hold it at: I will get a strong street team together!!

  • A-Plus

    Douglas, I just heard today’s podcast #77 with the request for old versions of the podcast. I do have the locations of those if you want. Tony says we can post them on here as they are still on his website.

    Shall I post here as he says?

    I am still looking for 1–>15, 17, 25-28, 31, 33, 34, 38, 39, and 57 to complete my collection. I have the locations of 43 + 47 :)

    A-Plus (

  • Aleve87


    Still loving the show. Any idea when cyantific are thinking of releasing new tracks? And any idea if the Solid Roots Edit of the Hocus Pocus track by Focus is going to get a release??

    Alex (Bromley)

  • Mister F

    I’m hooked to your podcasts! I downloaded all of them last year.
    Without them I wouldn’t be able to do my weekly 6 mile runs ;)
    Great motivators!

    Please please keep them coming!!!

    Keep up the gossip!

    I agree, McDonalds is better than Pizza Express any day of the week!

  • mcconomyreed

    so the “drop” album already lays on my desk at work since monday,but i am not home till friday and the turkey made my ears itch. so thanks for the medication. heaven`s sake….no more itching… the podcast came to the right time. great new tunes you picked. liked flawless and days of rage. on my list!

    so i hope hospital will continue this year like it started.hope i can make it to a hospitality. and i can`t wait to hear the next restaurant review. that was really entertaining. and farting at big raves is ok,cause the farts are sniffed away quickly;) so 72 more hours to go till i can finally experience “drop” on a proper sub. big shouts. have a good day.

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