Hospital Podcast 90

June 15, 2009 in Podcast

London Elektricity hosts a very special podcast this week as we get sick!

Sigma, The Burbs, MRSA and Randomer all dropped into the studio to fill us in on the outbreak, dropping their sick tunes as well as a few exclusives.

Pick up the limited edition 4-piece vinyl HERE


  • Gizm0

    SICK SICK SICK!!! Been listening to em solid or should i say liquid. Liking the MRSA and B-Complex tracks.
    I was like wtf! when you pulled out the jackplug! the chatting and laughs in the background make it even better.
    Keep it up. Respect out of Holland

  • Dugy09

    just got sick music on itunes it took me hours to download cus i was usin a public wifi conection and there were loads of people using it but it was worth the wait as soon as all the tracks were downloaded i banged it on with some new headphones and it blew my mind what an albulm. I havent had chance to get the podcast yet put il be downloading it tonight. thanks for the amaizin tunes keep it up . Dugy

  • tomwilcox

    @Roger and LondonElek –

    Well, the whole idea of the Logisitcs City Life EP with the most wanted non-vinyl released tracks off Now More Than Ever was rather cool. But on the other hand you already have 12 tracks off Sick Music out on vinyl, so I guess that’s more than enough…

    I’d vote for another Sick Sampler with MRSA and the Burbs :D

    Now I’ll stop whining and enjoy the music!


  • Roger Berkeley

    @ tomwilcox
    yeah the mrsa track backed with the burbs would be cool, and i just have to make it clear.
    i just wrote the text cause i like to create texts with something in it, like the tracklist of the sick album.
    and the choice for the album and the samplers is just fine.

    hope i get the lp this week and can enjoy it at the weekend.


  • Trippin

    Is the Sick Music on iTunes, the full release?
    I thought it wasn’t coming out on download until June 29th…
    Looks like a stunning selection though.

  • Laurie

    I loved the podcast especially this week, it definitely paid off having lots of guests in.

    Cheers for putting all these amazing tracks into a single release. The album is going to be dominating my ears for a while. My GCSE exams ended today and now I can finally listen to the music that I love the most and not worry about studying.

    Much Love, Laurie Ewen from Essex.

  • djb64

    Nice show , can’t wait for my copy of Sick Music to arrive. Thanks to Tony and Sigma … went to both gigs in Perth ,great time at both!!

    Heres a link to a video of Perth’s LE gig…

    congrats to all …


  • sk-tter

    Great podcast- I’d been hanging out for it ever since the Sydney gig. Which was also great, I might add! (I was the excited kid at The Record Store. :P ) Cheers for the amazing night. If you’re unable to make it back again, be sure to send the rest of the Hospital crew regularly! (I’m looking at Bop and High Contrast in particular!) Logistics and Cyantific were good, but I missed Mistabishi, so send him back too! ;)

  • phonografik

    Oh yes,
    got home today to find a lovely 4 Piece vinyl Sick delivery waiting for me!

    Absolutely wicked, love it!

    Thanks guys,

    and thank you also for organizing September’s Hospitality to fall precisely on my 22nd birthday.

    Can’t wait!


  • Floyd

    Fucking awesome podcast.

    Tony, I managed to speak to Fresh after a gig in Bristol a few weeks ago, he was really surprised that heavyweight was getting played on the Hospital podcast, but pleased nonetheless.

    When you get your wristband at Glastonbury ask after Ben and Floyd! We’ll be working in the “office” and if we catch the right shift, we’ll be praising you big time xD

    I’m downloading Sick music from iTunes right now =P

  • 1stladyofbass


    I just wanted to extend my thanks for booking Dannybird June30th to play Vancouver!

    I cant think of a better way to celebrate Canadas birthday then by shaking my shit to drum and bass of the hospital variety!



  • phenix

    hey tony absolutely fucking awsome album a must get the best ive heard for a while question for you tony u might be able to help with i was recently burgled gits they stole my computer which had all my software for making and producing pleaaaaase could you help with software as im now banished to my daughters old laptop ps they even stole my software discs pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas help i need my drum n bass fix
    have been listening to podcasts since no 74 and its awsome yours hoping phenix

  • jadeoneill

    i received my copy of sick music this morning, the day i’m off on a road trip with friends. this is possibly the best thing that could ever have happened. thankyou!

  • ArkeeDUB

    Another great podcast Tony. Thank you for introducing us to some of the personalities behind the wicked music on the Sick Music Compilation. It was great to get a little insight into the way that some of the artists go about making their music. Hospital Records are absolutely killing at the moment and long may it last…

    Douglas Harding
    Cape Town

  • xanadu

    Thanks Tony i got my sick music cd this morning and i haven’t bought a single record or cd for over seven months due to unemployment, but when i saw that it came with a sick bag i had to place an order. It is these novelty items that swing my votes in these hard times. Also i loved getting a syncopated city postcard a few months ago, these noveltys bring a smile to my face every time. Oh and the vocal sample on My chauffeur hahahahaha.

  • Bentley

    Im Loving the Podcasts Im loving this Music And All I can say is keep it up man. This music is Blowing my mind apart!

    Perye Bentley Bromley.

  • Bentley

    BTW cant wait to see you Hospitality @ MATTER!!!!

  • dubster

    just got home and found the sick music album waiting for me.
    this is an awesome album. amazing dnb at its very best.


  • IncisiveProduction

    Great teaser for the album, and yet another wicked podcast.

    Firstly caught London Elek + MC Wrec at Zen bar in Auckland, NZ recently and had a huge, somewhat drenched night. Hope to see more of the Hospital residents make the trip down…. Soon!

    Have been itching to see some music videos for some of your releases, so took the time to throw together one of my own, cut some HD footage from Darren Aronofskys “the fountain” to High Contrasts – Seven Notes in Black. Heres the link (watch in HD):

    – Tim

  • lucy_keegan

    Just a shoutout to my boyfriend david who introduced me to this podcast – with his, i hate to admit it, outstanding music taste. We look forward to every single podcast cos it feeds us with our dose of drum & bass which is scarcely played in most clubs up north, bar digital which i hope to catch you at soon. Buzzin to head down Leeds for university in september, where i’m told i’ll get a much better supply of d&b when i’m out!
    You’re making my summer ever better Tony, keep it up. Loving the site too -registered my account :)
    County Durham

  • paul92

    hey tony
    as i have now finished my exams, i have nothing to do, so i though i might try some producing and i was wondering what software you would recommend for beginners on a budget.

    many thanks

    by the way the sick cast really was sick :)

  • kezla

    LOVE this album.

    And this podcast made me laugh out loud several times on the way home from work on the tube.

    Dont be too harsh on MRSA, his trance is wicked, just like his DnB :)

    Saw this thread on Anjuna who have released a couple of Mat Zo tracks and thought of this podcast, trance and ableton mixing discussed!

    Look forward to the new tracks you previewed in this cast, especially that randomer tune.


  • azadbal

    hey i have a question for you London Elek. I recently got into the drum and bass genre and the whole DJin thing and i’ve been wondering what a DJ actualy does on stage when he’s actualy “performing”. i seriously have no idea!!!
    (srry for the gramatical issues, its late at night…)

  • brownfield

    Living in Anchorage, AK, USA for the past 3 years I’ve needed stuff like your podcast to stay sane. Apparently music hasn’t gone to complete shit! BTW, $12 for Sick Music on iTunes. Are you kidding me? What a deal. I’d pay $12 for Snow and Empty Streets on one vinyl alone. If you give me a shout on the next podcast I might be the happiest man alive!

  • Ben

    I want to give a shout out to Tony and Hospital Records for helping me fall back in love with drum and bass. I hadn’t regularly listened to DnB for years until I discovered podcasts; the Hospital Records podcast was the first one I subscribed to and it’s the one I look forward to the most. The tunes you play are SICK and everything I here from Hospital is just amazing.

    Thanks again Tony for showing me why DnB is the best music!

    Ottawa, Canada

  • londonphoto

    Hey Tony & team,

    The Siickcast was music to my ears on returning home from travelling around the far east.

    Like an total twit, I left my ipod on the kitchen table back in London when I left for the airport,I even considered going back to get it.

    You can imagine my need to get my Hospital fix once I returned.

    Fantastic work as always

    Give us a shout mate

    Sheradon, South London

  • Riley

    1. MRSA – Different
    2. Randomer – Synth Geek
    3. The Burbs – Drinks In New York
    4. Sigma – Paint It Black
    5. B-Complex – Girl With Flower
    6. Randomer – Down To The Club
    7. The Burbs – Organic
    8. MRSA – Chemicals
    9. Calvin Harris – Feature Cast Booty
    10 Sigma and Fresh – Latitude
    11. B-Complex – Beautiful Lies

  • humanisticmystic

    Another winner, London! Loving the new sounds by B-Complex.

  • Kutuzov

    say cheese

  • OCR

    I approve

  • Roger Berkeley

    Nice podcast.
    Quite a different on as usual.
    Nice guests and a lot of fun.

    just one second of your attention.
    I don´t want to paint it black cause I am really fired up about the sick album.
    But so many good tracks are not on those organic black diamonds what makes it really hard to stop the war on vinyl. do you hear me scream?
    So only those who have their screen in motion while deejaying will enjoy those tracks.
    Not me, the mr. resident of a vinyl only d&b night in the city where I live.
    And it’s a pitty that I will miss those tracks in my archive.
    So before i´m gonna drift away, me and my chauffeur will hit the empty streets.

    Hope I can get near at one of the next hospitality at matter.
    Already missed volume 1 and 2…
    Maybe I come in the wintertime when the snow beautiful lies allover London and i hope I can walk through the red mist in the main room like it was at heaven.

    Thanks for the siick sick album.
    Keep up the good work.


  • londonelektricity

    ooo you are such a poet Roger! now if you can give me any diea how we can fit all 21 tracks from the CD onto an affordable vinyl package i’m all ears! :-)

  • cheekychappie

    BIG! B-complex and the Burbs… can’t wait for the pre-ordered CD to turn up. If I had decks, I’d already have the vinyl…

    Nice one.

  • TôrY

    “MRSA – Different” is f**kin’ wicked…can’t wait for it…and big ups to “The Burbs”, I like their stuff…no comments about “B-Complex”, this man is just incredible…”Beautiful lies” “3 dots” “girl with flower” “reflection” all these tracks are very very sick…

    Great Podcast…Keep up the good work ^^
    BIG UPS From France ^^

  • sweetsugar

    big show man! i’m liking the interview clips you had going on.

    also had a history in trance. semi-ashamed. so big up to MRSA!

  • CEG

    Just picked up sick music from iTunes NZ. Wicked, congrats.

  • Roger Berkeley

    honestly i was just bored and had fun writing this.
    but the mrsa track is really missing on vinyl.
    but on the other hand you “could” make an vinyl album that plays at 33 rpm.
    then it would be an affordable vinyl package with a lot more tracks on it..;)
    not very dj friendly, but affordable..

    really glad that the barbarix remix comes on vinyl.
    all good.

    big up.

  • Oli B

    Hey Tony,

    Been a fan of the podcast since 05. I’m in beautiful New Zealand right now, training to become a ski instructor in Wanaka. I missed your tour here by days – but when I eventually got to download the Sickcast, it accompanied me on the awesome costal train ride form Picton to Christchurch. I’ve been travelling alone form the U.K for a few weeks, and finally getting a fresh podcast was like meeting up with an old friend! Thanks a million for making the journey even more spectacular than it already was!
    Hospital will be inspiring me on the mountain very day!
    Big love Oli xxx

  • BopScotch

    Just bought the Sick Music 4X LP and had it shipped to Michigan, USA… but 8 quid p&p! I miss living in the UK for D&B, and need more ammunition to drown out the local Ghostly International monopoly that floods the streets of Ann Arbor! I keep hearing these amazing tunes from the Hospital podcast and wish there were a more affordable way of distributing to the States. It seems programs like Scratch Live are the only solution…

    – Lewis

  • SaturdayMike

    Hey Lewis (Bopscotch!)

    Try Gramaphone records in Chicago. They ship and have a GREAT D&B selection. Also Groove Distribution has some, though limited, selection. MUCH cheaper postage!

    Saturday Mike

  • Sy Burton

    WOW what a podcast!!! I’ve just returned from a rather relaxing break in the south of France. Even if the weather was suspect, it was good to have the Hospital sounds to brighten tha day. Keep up the blinding work Tony & the crew. :o)

  • hershey11

    Excellent podcast, and thanks for including us. As usual, you did an excellent job at summarizing what blogging is all about. We really do love the information exchange with our colleagues.
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