Hospital Podcast 98

October 6, 2009 in Podcast

Massive tunes this week as London Elektricity is joined by Medschool’s Randomer. Amazing future music and chat, this is podcast well worth checking out.

We also have our fantastic Hospital Podcast 100 competition, allowing you not only be on the show but also win top prizes as we celebrate well over 3 years in the Podcast game – Full Info Here

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  • 1stladyofbass


    Thank you for another amazing podcast, can not fucking wait for future sound of russia to be released. I anticipate the bi weekly eargasms you provide that make my morning commute that much more bearable. I only wish I could share these musical jems with my fellow commuters!

    send more hospital talent accross the pond to VanCity, danny byrd was an absolute treat for Canada day!

    much love and respect to you and the hospital family!especially the wee baby bass that will be making his/her debut soon!


  • Armstrong

    Alright there Tony, nice to hear Randomer coming through with some quality musical gems recently, really nice to sit back and chill to.
    I know its a bit late, but i’m absolutely loving Crash Bang Wallop!
    After getting myself into the negative to preorder the CD (didnt get charged luckily!), i was eagerly anticpiting its arrival.
    But what do you know, the royal mail decide to have another bleeding strike at the time it was dispatched, and had to wait a week and a half before it finally arrived!
    When it did arrive i couldn’t believe it, and had a constant smile for the rest of the day. Loving every track on the album, Logistics truely delivered!
    Could i please get a shoutout to myself (Aaron), Tom, and all the DnB lovers in Aberystwyth!
    Keep the good tunes coming, and will try to make it down to matter for a hospitality when i am next closer to home, as it is a massive trek to get down by train and back from wales!

    Much love


    P.S Sorry for the essay-length post!

  • cgod

    Hoi Tony,

    great thing hospital records, not to mention the cast.
    always a good laugh apart from inspiring vibes…i really feel the from memory matrix remix – thought it impossible to top the original. anyways, heard hospital was releasing a dlx-version of drop on i-tunes…will there be an upgrade possibility for all those all heads (incl. me) having purchased the original?? that would certainly be a smooth move :)

    i’ll be sure too keep listening.

    easy, chris from austria.

  • jonlane

    Dear Tony,

    Please give a massive shout out to me and my fiancé Alice. I’ve just had one of the best weekends of my life. I went to Hospitality at Thekla on Friday which was by far the best one i’ve ever been to – High Contrast, Loggy and Randomer absolutely smashed it. I then travelled down to Devon the next day and proposed to my girlfriend and got the answer I was looking for.

    I can’t wait for all the great times that we have ahead and in the meantime I will convert her to drum n bass as I can’t have her going on about bloody x-factor all the time!

    Good luck to you and the lady colmanator with your new baby on the way and I very much look forward to the next load of juicy cuts in no. 99!

    Cheers mate, Jon.
    (devout follower since no. 42!)

  • xxcxcxc

    Alright bro,

    was just wondering if you can tell me how to get a big bass setup at home…

    What type of equipment would you suggest like speakers/sub/sound system etc?

    P.s. can’t stop listening to transporter and it’s late but i still love just one second(apex) and balaclava in my system from the sick music album!

  • Quadde

    Hey Tony I have been listening to Hospital since podcast 15 which came out on October 11th, 2006 (three years!!) and I have only gotten more into it. Unfortunately I live way out in Washington state and have no way to make it to any of your gigs but I hope to make a trip out that way in the near future. Your podcasts have gotten me through some rough times in life including the death of my grandfather as well as some personal issues and I am forever grateful to the world of drum and bass as it is a truly wonderful thing.

    I hope I can get a shout the next chance you get!

    Erik W.

  • annie.l.winter

    Wicked podcasts! Been listening since about number 70 now and LOVE it.

    Could you get the blokes in the merchandise department to make the jungle music t shirt for girls or at least in girls sizes! I want one!

    Annie :)

  • Pixie

    Please please please throw on the Just One Second (apex remix) tune one more time!! I erased podcast 81 by accident b/c i needed space on iPod. I’d really appreciate it.
    Thanx!! 8D

  • djb64


    I have my computer plugged into a

    Sony MHC – RG440S

    Not that expensive but has the maddest sub-bass !!!! and has very punchy amps.

  • Dugy09

    alrite tony hows it going,il apolagise in advance for the mini SA, Firstly congratulations on havining another baby i wish you and the lady colmanator all the luck in the world,i managed to get a decent wifi conection for the first time in weeks yesterday in a coffee shop in oman so i downloaded the last 3 podcasts and ofcourse sent in my intro/track request for the podcast 100, hope you like it, as for the podcasts i listened to them simultainiously rite there in the coffee shop and got some strange looks from passers by when they saw me sat there on my own rockin my head with my headphones in, but i couldent care less because all 3 podcasts were amaising love and let die and the utah jazz take no more in 96 are wicked not to mension dany birds remix of california, i got to number 97 and not only were my ears met by beautifull dnb by logistics you also did me and my mates a wicked shout it made my day, cheers and as for 98 i cant stop listening to somers town and the from memory remix truely awsome music, i fly home in les than 2 weeks and at home waiting for me are a shit load of tunes from the hospital shop, my first set of decks and some production gear so expect to hear some maybe slightly dodgey dnb in your demo inbox, look out high contrast haha. thanks again. dugy

  • Jojo

    Dear Tony,

    Awesome Podcast (that mistabishi track almost popped out my back window when the bass kicked in haha) been following hospital for a good while now.

    London Elektricity was my first proper taste DnB live, was at the belvoir amphitheater in Perth WA at the good vibes festival. you blew the minds of everyone there (myself included)

    please give a shout out to to myself (jojo) my mates Craig, Pado, chris Aaron and everyone in Perth WA


    cant wait for 100 and to get my hands on crash bang wallop (in about 10 mins :D)

  • aer0

    mate, that Puzzled track you played at the start of the podcast is a MUST HAVE track… please where can i find it!!!@!!!!

  • Riley

    Randomer – Puzzled
    Randomer – Scape Goat
    Randomer – Rough Sex
    Mistabishi – I Feel Lol
    Squash – Heavy Revs
    Alix Perez – 1984
    Subwave – Stars Get Down
    Randomer – Summer’s Town
    Randomer – Appetite
    Mr Sizef + Unquote – Hours have no reverse motion
    Mistabishi – From Memory (matrix remix)

  • J0ssu

    a beautiful podcast, a peaceful one .really liked it!
    Also could you get a shout out for all of Estonia :D, Me and my mates are really loving all of hospitals tunes.
    One day I will visit hospitality I promise. In the mean time visit Estonia again, last time you were in club Prive most people couldn’t see you. I have gotta love your podacasts I listen to them every day I don’t know why, you select really great tunes. Really loved podcast 96. So best of luck from me Johannes :P

  • marc210

    alright tony, another amazing cast in the bag nothing I’d rather be listening to while having to rush through some design work for college before the deadline tomorrow, been listening for a year now since 69.5 with randomer and not missed a cast during that time, since then ive spead D&B to a bunch of my mates an plan to head to matter come January, was wondering if I could get a shoutout to jack for showing me the podcast in my first year and to everyone I’ve got into the cast since that time,
    cheers tony,

    PS I know it was a while ago now but sick music was absolutly class mate good call on all the tunes


  • Colak

    vocalist wishlist for randomer:

    Kool Keith
    Jamie Liddell
    Nathan Flutebox Lee
    roisin murphy
    prince zimboo
    cypress hill
    the bird out of Dengue Fever.

    greatest album in the world, right there.

  • winchy32

    Hey Tony,

    Wondering about any known release dates for Take no more by Utah Jazz, and that Danny Byrd and Brookes Bros. tune that was on a recent podcast, amazing tunes the both of them..


    Can everyone please stop making hospitality sound so epic! I’m only 16 so i cant go for another year and a half… depressing stuff…

    Shout to all the junior Drum n Bassheads who are counting the days until they can lose their Matter Virginity? (And to Zeph and Malachy because their mum is fit!)

    Tom Winch

  • mrskitz123

    Hi Tony could you give a massive shout on the next podcast please as i have been through the whole hospital treatment, had my nose shattered in a sporting injury the splint fell off early my nose got infected and caught the flu in the space of 2 weeks epic fail, as you can guess i was a tad pissed off but the podcasts got me through of course much love to you and the whole of hospital.

    Tom Cumplen

  • duff

    Wicked podcast as always Tony! Loving “I feel lol”. Mistabishi always delivers.

    Just ordered tickets for the next Hospitality at Matter. Can you post the times of each set in the lead up to the event please??? I would be gutted if I missed a top set because I got there too late.

  • londonelektricity

    duff: get there early! :-)

  • iseli2

    hi tony lovin the podcasts, big shout out to shane norman whos just had a baby boy conor!! born on 8th of october!!
    loved podcast with randomer great stuff!!

  • Mackie.D

    Yes Yes…Another fantastic podcast, been listening since podcast 70 taking up a tasty 1gig of my HD. Think im going to have to track down the back catalog.

    Would love a shout out on up and coming podcasts, ive been an avid fan of the hospital movement right from the start when my brother introduced me to it back in Brighton 3 years ago, since then i havnt looked back. Ive recently sorted myself with some decks and just waiting for this student loan to come through to pick up my vinyl collection, also gutted that i cant make it to my mates birthday down at hospitality bristol with the one and only randomer (who im yet to see out of the hospital crew) please make another trip up to nottingham with yourself truly and randomer.

    Happy Birthday to Kate and all the Godalming and Bristol lot.

    Many thanks for wonderful music


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