London Elektricity + MC AD – Live Bondi Beach

June 18, 2010 in Podcast

Tony and AD recorded a special one off podcast live on Bondi Beach with about 30 tracks over 2 hours. Tons of new tracks that have been rocking the LE tour down under and special surprise guests. We apologise our recording isn’t up to our usual standard but what can we say, it was on a beach. Hope you enjoy the show. Demo cast 2 coming soon and then Tony returns to the studio in early July.

  • Roger Berkeley

    wow, that new royalston tune is sick…

  • KittyB

    HUGE thanks for this amazing night,
    and for a great nights sleep – too much fun, dancing and mulled wine defiantly did the trick!

    Downloading now, going to be awesome. I can not wait to relive the memories and listen to it with my boy when he gets home! :D

    Two hours of solid love have now been added to my Superpod!
    Cheers Tony!
    And not to forget – The Bass Drop

  • Beth

    very awesome podcast :) Helping me thruu the night!

  • Jorge Mendes

    WOW, just WOW to Logistics Remix of Shapeshifters Lifetime
    what a fucking awsome tune! (sorry the bad language) ehehe

    brilliant special podcast, we need more of this :)

    huge shout to you all!

  • Halcie

    Hey Tony!
    Thank you once again for the lovely podcast. I know you get complaints for talking over the songs, but I like your comments, it gives us an insider sight on the scene. I actually like when you start getting really into it and scream!

    My only bummer is the fact that you decided to give up the tours in America because being away from your family is not possible for you. I totally understand, but what about Australia? It’s as pricey and far away than Canada and US, no?

    I live in Montreal, Canada and I am spoiled with good electronic music throughout the year. We actually have an outside electronic music fest happening EVER weekend, from MAY to SEPTEMBER. It’s really amazing. But we need more good drum’n’bass at it! I have dreams of a full Hospital day there… Damn that would be good!

    Anyway, thanks again for the podcast, and I hope that the Hospital crew will someday consider crossing the big pond. I would be STOKED. Even if you play a whole set of tralalalala song.


  • Lauz

    What was that first Muffler tune called? It was epic!

  • Graham Jones

    Hey Tony, great podcast as usual

    just wondering what song it was that goes “Show me love”, what remix is it?

  • Elle

    Thankyou soo much for playing ‘Do you scribble’ by Underworld feat. High Contrast…I think it may be my song of summer 2010. Absolute tune! Also, massive shout out to Uni of Portsmouth DnB socitey :D

  • Elle

    Correction of my last comment…”You do scribble”. My bad!

  • Dhany Arliyanti

    hey tony, love the podcast! thanks for reading my shout there! you do a great job :D

  • Mike K

    hey tony, great podcast as usual! one thing that caught my ear was the shout by ‘ragga jungle’ that you and AD were making fun of. may be wrong, but i think that’s a lyric from shy fx & t power – everyday. keep up the outstanding work!

  • Jorge Mendes

    cant stop listening this..!

    again with the Lifetime rmx, i was listening the podcast and playing with Colminator and i’ll quote:


    i couldn’t stop laughing! BRILLIANT!
    we need v2 of Colminator :)

  • Ilya

    Somebody have playlist?

  • Swanvest

    Muffler tune of sikness = uplifter

    Robin S laidbuke Luke – show me love (High Contrast remix) but blame remix is also a gooden

    Underworld ft High contrast – scribble is ultimate but Netskys remix is EVEN BIGGER!

  • Swanvest

    @LondonElek.. Wat Is a stalewhat supporter? You called me and the lads this back at christmas and you called the mighty dough this also!

    NEED to know what it means!!!

    • Ricky

      stalwart |ˈstɔːlwət| |ˈstal-|

      loyal, reliable, and hardworking : he remained a stalwart supporter of the cause.
      • dated strongly built and sturdy : he was of stalwart build.

      a loyal, reliable, and hardworking supporter or participant in an organization or team : the stalwarts of the Ladies’ Auxiliary.

  • donkey

    Lauz says:
    June 19, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    muffler – kolga ( )

    btw does anyknow what whats the title of utah jazz track starting from 18th min?

  • Jorge Mendes

    “hardworking supporter or participant in an organization”

    Wicked! n1 Swanvest

    damn i need to move to the UK! :)

  • James

    Hi Tony,

    Just catching up on the Bondi Beach podcast now and I’d like to say a big thanks and congratulations on having such a brilliant podcast. I started subscribing last summer and both the podcast and the new world of music it’s opened up to me have provided countless hours of entertainment which really lighten up coursework assignments and late nights working (Directions by IllSkillz in particular served as a real motivator during my exams). I guess it all paid off as I have just received my results for my second year at university, with an A grade in every module!

    Can I get a shout out to my mate Adrian who’s another big fan of the podcast?


    Long live the podcast!

  • Mihai

    Been there, massive podcast ! Shouts from Romania

  • Lip-Ton

    Love the podcast tony, Chicago,il needs a hospital records tour!!!!!! Keep up with the keep up!! Much love.. P.S. My mom loves the podcast as well:)

  • D.Kenny F


  • Alex

    I love the podcast! Keep it up but please somebody tell me when the logistics remix of lifetime is coming out!!

    Please! What a tune.

  • Drewbar

    Good work Tony and AD, this is probably one of my fave Hospital podcasts so far. Would have loved to have gone to Sydney show but unfortunately i’m underage. Love all your work…

    Can i please get a shout out to my mate Jaddo aka The Moor… He loves Drum and Bass and is always playing DnB beats on the drums.

  • Oliver

    I have to secodn the motion for a Colminator V2 app. Please, please, please bring it out for Android as well as iPhone though! Or possibly port the first one to Android? I would be absolutely stoked if you did!

    Wicked podcast as always. I enjoyed MC AD’s input too, always good to hear guests on the ‘cast.

    Oliver in New Zealand.

    PS: Auckland at Zen was SICK.

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