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Mutated Forms

Mutated Forms

Making music began as a hobby for the trio of Estonian based producers known as Mutated Forms. Original members Alexander (Zub) and Artjom (G-ruff) started experimenting with different genres of electronic music using any and all software they could find. They were then later joined by a third member Alex H, an experienced DJ who joined the crew in 2004.


Hospitality Drum & Bass 2011 Last Time, (feat. Jenna G) (Original) Mutated Forms Hospitality Drum &...
Blood Pressure Feels Like (Original) Mutated Forms Blood Pressure
Hospitality Summer Drum & Bass 2012 Gluestick (Original) Mutated Forms Hospitality Summer...
Hospitality: Summer Drum & Bass 2013 Abandoned (Original) Mutated Forms Hospitality: Summer...

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