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Trisector aka Otto Hassinen was inspired by music from an early age, influenced by the sounds blasting out of his Commodore 64 and, aged 11, he got his first PC so he could create his own sounds using tracker software and samples.

In 2007 Otto began developing his sound at 170bpm under the name Trisector and it wasn't long before Med School snapped up two Trisector singles “Morning Rain” and “Lifeforms” for an unsuspecting drum+bass fraternity in 2009. These tracks were championed by High Contrast, Nerm (BBC), London Elektricity, Survival, S.P.Y, Kasra, Loxy, Mutated Forms and Chris.SU among others.



Morning Rain Morning Rain (Original) Trisector Morning Rain
Morning Rain Structured Light (Original) Trisector Morning Rain
Morning Rain Blindspot (feat. Naraka) (Original) Trisector Morning Rain
Lifeforms Lifeforms (Original) Trisector Lifeforms
Lifeforms Trace Of A Smile (feat. Inztance) (Original) Trisector Lifeforms
Medical Mix Lifeforms (VIP) Trisector Medical Mix

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