LG PK7 XBOOM Go Bluetooth Party Speaker

NHSMLG2 November 2018

LG’s flagship Bluetooth Party Speaker. Tailored by audio grandmasters Meridian, the PK7 also supports Dual Action Bass and Tweeters for the complete audio package.

With a whopping 22 hour battery life this XBOOM Go will keep the party going long into the night, which means the Mood & Multi-colour lighting will come in very handy!

Connected to through APT-X HD, you get the best possible audio output from the PK7. The big brother of the XBOOM Go family, the complete Bluetooth Party Speaker.

As part of our Partnership with LG XBOOM, which saw the creation of the Drum and Bass Song LOUDR with Fred V and Grafix, get LG’s latest speaker phenomenon whilst stocks last.

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