Minimal Drum & Bass


NHSSAMP006: 07 May 2010


One of the huge success stories of the last year in drum and bass has been the emergence of Russian minimalist “Bop”. His beautiful debut album “Clear Your Mind” on Medschool gained worldwide recognition and much support from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Rob Da Bank and Chris Coco. It was widely acknowledged as one of the finest pieces of underground dance music in 2009. Bop's minimal, elegant, but also amazingly complex production gained support across the board, making its way onto sound-systems everywhere from Fabric in London to Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza.

Arguably representing a whole new movement in D+B and dubstep you'll be delighted to know that Bop has put some of his finest beats, blips and lush synths into the latest loopmasters sample pack.

Featuring many unique sounds and breaks from Bop's “Clear your mind” album, this minimal drum and bass sample pack represents a fantastic starting point for anyone looking to make intelligent and beautiful electronic music. With ideas and sounds that seem to come from far from this world, it really is a cosmos of samples just ready to get working with.

In this unique collection of Minimal Drum and Bass Samples you will find over 570Mb of content at 170Bpm which includes 460 Wav samples, 216 Loops and 245 Single Sounds. There are 33 ready to play Reason NNXt, Kontakt, Halion and EXS24 Patches along with options to buy Apple Loops, Reason Refill or Ableton Live Versions.

Specifically you get 28 Atmos Pad Loops, 28 Atmos Pads, 16 Bass Loops, 32 Drum Loops, 24 Glitch Loops, 40 Musical Loops, 10 Synth Riffs, 14 Bass Hits, 125 Single Drum Samples, 60 Glitches, 16 Noises, and 12 Tech Chords.


570mb Download 460 Wav samples 216 Loops 25 Single Sounds 33 Ready-to-play Reason NNXt, Kontakt, Halion and EXS24 Patches

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