1s N 2s

In:Most & Temam

SV076: 13 November 2020


Maxime Temam, largely better known as a cornerstone of the Paris scene, proprietor of the Studio Drum & Bass channel, and bad boy producer under his surname, has teamed up with the talented duo that is none other than In:Most. Fresh from dropping their first album ‘Voyager’ back in April - Josh Croft and Bailey Greer return with a gloriously crisp meeting of minds in the form of ‘1’s n 2’s’.

The dusty needled intro is reminiscent of a thriller movie soundtrack, rippling with tension and suspense, while the calculated vocal sample counts in the drop - ushering in lurching, twisted bass. These varying low-end patterns and snappy drums lay the foundation for what is a gully stepper through and through, with a smattering of a splashy jungle amen breaks for good measure.

The B-side comes in the form of Ben Rolo’s competition winning remix of ‘Pieces’ featuring Dale May, taken from the 5 Years of Soulvent album, released in February 2019. This slice of feel-good liquid is a more rolling take on the original, with high energy drums, twinkling arpeggios and a surging bassline; all building on the dreamy guitar plucks and inquisitive vocals that made it so popular first time around.

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