Hospitality Festival Drum & Bass

Various Artists

NHS189: 01 July 2011

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Hospitality kicks off the summer festival season in style with four bonafide bangers on a double 12 vinyl release aimed squarely at the discerning DJ.

First of all, forget your wellies and waterproofs; Brazilian superstar S.P.Ys radiant release Turn The Lights Off adds plenty of shimmering sunlight and warm, weather to the proceedings. With uplifting atmospherics, rippling melodies and rolling jungle breaks S.P.Y eases us into the festival spirit slowly and gently. Murmuring vocal snippets add to the hazy, drifting atmospheres making this the perfect soundtrack for those long, lazy, dappled afternoons.

So youve had your sunny spell. Next it?s over to Muffler with Dribbler for a superb slice of synth-led, serotonin-inducing sublimity with pelting drums, soaring instrumentals and dreamy piano keys. This one is a classic rave moment and peaktime killer - all euphoria and feel-good fuzziness with enormous builds, dramatic drops and melodic rushes a-plenty.

As the sun goes down and dusk approaches, it?s time to draw for the third cut of the EP, the aptly named Visions. Bristol based duo D*Minds bring back the old skool vibes here, with a more stripped back approach than the T-10s and Maniac Cops of this world. Think tough rattling breaks, a bleepy melody and a slightly nostalgic air. Out to the junglists!

Last but by no means least is a superb late night roller Fill Yer Boots from N3GUS. After an intro peppered by piquant bleeps and accelerating blips, the tune drops into a bass heavy destroyer with gentle percussion, buckets of fun factor, to keep the party going long after the lights go down.

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  • 2x12"
1 Turn The Lights Off (Original) S.P.Y 5:03
2 Dribble (Original) Muffler 5:24
3 Visions (Original) D*Minds 6:00
4 Fill Yer Boots (Original) N3GUS 5:16

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