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ULTRASOUND 23.01.16: Introducing Soulvent Records

December 15, 2015 in News

Soulvent Records was dreamt up back in winter 2013 in a pub somewhere in East London. The 3 of us – Liam Holyoak-Rackal, Jack ‘Pola’ Higgins & Joe Goss – started the label with one simple ethos; focus on the music. It was our ‘soul’ intention (excuse the pun) to find quality drum and bass from young, talented, up and coming producers. Two years on from the birth of the label and a man up in the form of PR guru Tom Surey, we’ve been slowly carving out a sound we’re extremely proud of. We have a 17 release strong back catalogue thanks to artists all over the globe and with a massive year ahead of us, we’ve never been more excited to be a part of a buzzing drum and bass scene.

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Hospital Records presents the Crikeycast!

Hospital Records presents the Crikeycast! Celebrating the 10th anniversary of his fifth studio album in style, London Elektricity has revisited his seminal ‘Yikes!’ project with a fresh 2021 approach. In episode #443 He breaks down each track from his revised Crikey! album with extensive soundbytes from vocalist Elsa who appears on six of the original album tracks. Tracklist: London Elektricity - The plan that cannot fail (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Flesh Music (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Round The World In A Day (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Yikes! (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Invisible Worlds (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (Lawrence Whitehead Version) London Elektricity - Bells In My Head (feat. Elsa Esmeralda) (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Had A Little Fight (10Y Rework) London Elektricity- Meteorites (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Love The Silence (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework) London Elektricity - Fault Lines (feat. Elsa Esmerelda) (10Y Rework)
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