Bop x Subwave

Hailing from Russia, St.Petersburg’s Bop and Moscow’s Subwave have officially joined forces in 2019 for their exciting new collaborative project, Bop x Subwave. Throughout the last decade, their innovative solo productions have secured them reputations as highly respected drum & bass sound smiths with releases across Hospital Records, Med School, Liquicity, Shogun Audio, Metalheadz and Microfunk.

This outfit sees in a new age of Bop’s experimental productions and Subwave’s distinctively soothing melodies, with their combined force expect a cutting-edge drum & bass duo that bring glitchy, minimalist electronica to the deeper drum & bass landscape. 

Having first crossed paths in the heart of Russia’s drum & bass community, Bop and Subwave have been on each other’s radar since Hospital Records’ ‘Future Sound of Russia’ LP, with a deep admiration for each other’s styles. Fast forward to 2010 where Subwave stepped into Med School territory, remixing Bop’s classic ‘Song About My Dog’. The two finally stepped into the studio together for their first collaborative release ‘Clair De Lune’ on Bop’s Microfunk label in 2018, followed by their releases on Hospital Records, ‘City Lights’ and ‘Take It Off’.

With the complexities of Bop’s technical prowess and Subwave’s unparalleled intuition for catchy grooves, Bop x Subwave are set on their journey to create soft, sensual, atmospheric, futuristic and minimalistic indie-electronic music.

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