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Med School continues to be the forward thinking label to watch Ð now hitting double figures with this 10th cutting-edge outing. The horned beast Minotaur carves up his latest offering with the follow-up to his monster drum & bass debut ÒWorlds BeyondÓ, a choice cut from the massive ÒNew BloodÓ EP out earlier this year. The twists and turns of MinotaurÔs labyrinth take no prisoners and only the strongest, most cunning beats work their way out; the bullish sounds of ÒDonÕt WorryÓ have managed to escape. Eerie whispered vocals repeat over soothing pads then meet their match with stubborn beats and twisted sub bass of monolithic proportions. Armed with only a vintage Windows PC, Minotaur proves that technology is no barrier to creativity when it comes to creating cutting-edge futuristic soundscapes; flipside ÒTorn BetweenÓ is no exception. Characterised by a frenzied chopped up hip-hop vocal and crunching beats this track is tough as nails; flinch and it will knock you sideways. These tracks have already enjoyed plenty of radio play by the likes of Huw Stephens on BBC Radio 1, Nerm on the BBC Asian Network and on Kiss FM.

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