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Following from his highly acclaimed debut album ÒLife CycleÓ, Keeno puts forward his latest cinematic masterpiece on Med School with the ÒPreludesÓ EP. A stunning reminder of KeenoÕs ability to infuse classically trained skill with modern day production, resulting in a four-track collection of uncompromised elegance - a must-have in any liquid drum and bass collection. Alongside fellow Med School classmate Whiney, Keeno has created a welcomed escape from a landscape of noise with ÒDignity FoundÓ. Opening with a gentle intermittence of percussions, high-pitched string sections and expert intertwining of blissful melodies before dropping into a call and response of anthemic vocal echoes and euphoric, electric guitar. Fulfilling KeenoÕs reputation for soothing the soul of drum and bass, the up-tempo drums and hypnotic, male-led vocal of ÒOne More MomentÓ provides four minutes of effortless listening. ÒOriginÓ delivers a delicate balance of prominent piano chords and enrapturing bass lines, whilst like a wave of silver shadow ÒThe Moon Under the WaterÓ provides the epitome of refined, liquid luxury. Since hitting Med SchoolÕs radar in 2013, thereÕs been no shortage of support for young Will Keen already with three well-deserved award nominations, most prolifically ÔBest AlbumÕ at the 2013 Drum & Bass Arena Awards. With all four tracks fitting together like a perfectly completed puzzle, this EP is sure to draw in a new surge of devoted listeners, all the while ensuring guaranteed satisfaction for any preceding Keeno fan. As the title suggests, the ÔPreludesÕ EP gives an apt introduction of whatÕs to come in 2015; clearly the future is very bright for this young Med School talent.

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