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Nu:Logic is the collaborative alias of brothers Nu:Tone and Logistics, here joining forces in the studio for the first time since 2010Õs ÒNew Technique EPÓ. Expect soothing, cerebral D+B of the highest calibre here coupled with a fiercely unique approach that will have you clamoring for more. Opener ÒMorning LightÓ starts the 12Ó with a flurry of twittering birds and murmuring atmospherics. Calm and mellow from start to finish, this blissed out track pairs pattering drums with cooing vocals for maximum effect, whilst guitar strumming and sub-heavy upright bass add weight and depth. Over on the flipside we have the not-so-cuddly ÒGrizzlyÓ which switches up the tempo and goes for the jugular with superb trigger-clicking, bass-ridden stabbing beats. The trippy tinkling intro drops swiftly into a raw and rugged affair and continues to menace right til itÕs all over. Fans of Nu:Logic can also look forward to the outfitÕs debut album which is dropping in Spring 2013. Stay tuned for more info.

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