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The debut release from Hospital Records’ latest exclusive signing Lynx. This Portsmouth based produced is known to many within the drum+bass scene for his unique, rhythmic, anthemic productions, and for those who don’t know – be assured you’ll be hearing a lot more from him over the coming months. This EP of four stand out cuts introduces the diverse sound of a producer at the top of his game. Lead track “Where Are You?” raises the levels of P Funk intrigue to breaking point, before the pentatonic wizardry of a trademark Lynx bass-line melody kicks in. ‘Bees Knees’ follows on – a track so infectious it’s been keeping staff at Hospital’s Purple Gates HQ awake all night. ‘Hurting’ takes things deeper and darker, with Master X’s heartfelt delivery underpinned by some filthy jungle styles. Aggressive distorted subs, off beat percussion and animal cries provide the soundtrack to a royal rumble in the rainforest. Last but by no means least comes ‘Blue’, a hard-boiled P-funk steppa. Like a post apocalyptic night down at Ronnie Scott's, this jam is hot. With past releases on Ram, Playaz, Digital Soundboy, Soul;R and Creative Source, it’s fair to say Lynx has earned his stripes. It’s time for him to take things to the next level as he becomes part of Hospital's new generation.

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