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Following on from “Xylo”, Krakota’s “Ice Hands” and “Ghosts” duo brings a chillingly cold welcome to the second chapter of his Hospital release story. With both tracks delivering enslaving bass-lines that quickly seize your undivided attention, going hand-in-hand to display his ear-grabbing talent and sophisticated skill. A single that revitalises the darkened corners of drum and bass and slaps you with an over whelming urge to hit your nearest dance floor. “Ice Hands”, Evoking sci-fi inspired scenes that lull you into a false sense of security before a sudden turn. Submerging you in a deep pit of quick punching synths with complex drum-patterns that let you get lost. A track that teases the ear, discovering new found levels with each play. The futuristic sounds of “Ghosts” surround you with a sense of the supernatural. A progressive build of percussions creep up like a rocket ready to launch before dropping into an accompaniment of transfixing sub-bass and filthy synths that grab you and won’t let go. A track not only to keep your ears warm at night but ideal for any dance-floor, guaranteed to revive any 5AM fall downs. Once more Bournemouth-based Sebastian Inwood has earned his stripes with a clear-cut Krakota sound running throughout. Recently dubbed as one of UKF’s “Ones To Watch” of 2015 “Ice Hands” and “Ghosts” deliver a full pelting reminder of why he’s continually turning heads, giving a taste of what’s to come from one of Hospital’s freshest signings in 2015.

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