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Cambridge has been the source for some of the most exciting talent in drum & bass, now the next generation of inspired homegrown artists is surfacing. Since signing to Hospital Records in 2015 Hugh Hardie has skated through its inner city streets drawing inspiration for his debut release, the ÔCity SoulÕ EP. Four tracks, filled with uplifting summer sounds blending soulful jungle flavours and jazzy sunshine rollers. ÔEverything Was NothingÕ opens the EP featuring a hint of sweetness from blues and soul singer Benji Clements. Title track ÔCity SoulÕ and heat raising ÔLight It UpÕ pull in HughÕs reversed and rhythmic piano skills. 'Shudder' completes the EP with bold dance-floor impact. This may be his first solo EP however, HughÕs kept busy working with some of the biggest names in the game, featuring on London ElektricityÕs ÔTape LoopsÕ, Logistics anthemic ÔIcarusÕ and summer-loving ÔAs Sure As SunriseÕ. HeÕs teased us with releases on various compilations, tipped as one to watch on EtherwoodÕs ÔHospital MixtapeÕ as well as appearing on ÔHospitality 2016Õ, Ô2015Õ and of course the highly memorable, soul-soothing ÔTearing Me ApartÕ from ÔWe Are 18Õ.

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