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The classically trained, multi-instrumentalist marvel Keeno is back with a slice of freshly cut sonics to continue his release streak on Hospital Records since officially moving over from Med School in 2020. ‘Fall Beneath You (feat. Etherwood)’ and ‘Equinox’ are a divine showcase of his unique approach to drum & bass, whereby his musical and technical abilities combine to create an unmatched sound like no other. Featuring the elevating vocals of fellow Hospital extraordinaire Etherwood, the orchestral motifs of Keeno’s style shine through in ‘Fall Beneath You’. Stunning piano chord progressions lead the way, accompanied by warming strings and polished breaks to take the listener on a cinematic journey across the ever expanding world of drum & bass. An eminent champion of classically infused drum & bass, it goes without saying that Keeno’s capability to draw for grittier numbers in the studio continues to be valued just as highly. Flipping over to the B-side, ‘Equinox’ offers a symphonious introduction through immersive brass melodies and a delicate sprinkling of reverberated vocal slices, before a rippling reese bass and punch-packed drums thrust into play. Aside from his diverse productions and majestic discography including releases such as ‘Troopers Peak / Old School Lane’, his albums ‘All The Shimmering Things’ and, ‘Life Cycle’ and the ‘Nocturne’ EP, Keeno’s contributions to the drum & bass scene also include his self-hosted Bristol Mix Series which has cemented him further as an esteemed producer, DJ and tastemaker. With support for his music spanning from a Self-Certified Selection from BBC Radio 1’s MistaJam, Rene LaVice and Andi Durrant to electronic dance music top-liner Don Diablo, the far-reaching appeal for the sounds of Keeno’s show shows no sign of slowing down.

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