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One of Med SchoolÕs youngest ever signings with his compilation feature ÔNo MoreÕ, drum & bass head turner Whiney has stepped up to the plate for his first solo release since officially joining the Hospital Records roster. Reputable for supplying heavy duty sonics, ÔBubblers Part OneÕ is a supreme development of the 25-year oldÕs highly sought signature sound. Home to four fresh cuts marking the start of his trailblazing new three-part ÔBubblersÕ series, WhineyÕs latest EP proves heÕs got the technique and flair to be a lead player in the scene. Jungle-infused gritty stepper ÔNo GoodÕ gets things rolling with old-school soundscapes and a captivating R&B style vocal. A fierce ascending bassline accompanied by raw breaks and crisp percussion hits explode into play, setting the track up to be a future classic that continues to carry the foundations of drum & bass into the sounds of today. Featuring the vocals of mic veteran MC GQ, ÔGuernsey Airport BubblerÕ is straight-talking and deadly. Written in the lounge of Guernsey Airport amidst his busy touring schedule pre-lockdown, this quirky heavy hitter comes close to being a textbook audible representation of a true bubbler. Minimal sounding and darker in vibe, ÔBlack IceÕ offers a copious amount of distorted swells, a throbbing sub line and snappy drums which keep the tune swinging throughout. Icey by name but extremely hot in nature - proceed with caution! ÔNovemberÕ rounds off the EP as it draws closer to WhineyÕs trip-hop and future bass oriented inspirations. Thumping kick drums, high pitched vocal chops and dreamy synth work are projected into a glistening beacon showcasing the far reaching ability of his skill as a creator. With an impressive collection of releases under his belt on the recently closed Med School imprint, including ÔStop The Clock / Breadcrumbs (feat. BOP)Õ, his ÔWaystoneÕ LP and debut album ÔTalismanÕ, itÕs now time for Whiney to officially join the Hospital Records roster with his first solo release on the label as he continues to pave his way to becoming one of the most respected artists within drum & bass.

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