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Hospital Records are excited to announce brand new music from Flava D as she presents her latest drum & bass two-tracker ÔAll We Ever DoÕ (ft. DRS & Paige Eliza) / ÔWomp MachineÕ. Fresh off the back of her well-received debut drum & bass EP ÔDesert LightsÕ and previous singles ÔMesmeriseÕ, ÔReturn To MeÕ and ÔHuman TrumpetÕ, the bass music icon has upped the levels once again as she continues to showcase her musical versatility through her love for higher tempos. With her latest single inspired by her trips in isolation into the Los Angeles desert to amp up creative spirits, Flava DÕs new music is a refreshing take and a clear demonstration of her constantly evolving sound. Paving the way for the new generation of liquid drum & bass, ÔAll We Ever DoÕ is laced with soulful piano sample chops, gentle percussion and the graceful vocal collaborations of Paige Eliza and DRS. The jazzy vocal melodies of Leeds-based Paige Eliza float elegantly amongst legendary MC and vocalist DRSÕ raw flows, as Flava D brings it all together with a warm bassline, snappy drums and her many years of experience as a top tier producer. Flipping over to ÔWomp MachineÕ, the vibe is switched up as Flava D infuses her garage and bassline roots with her 2021 drum & bass style. Brace yourself for a bassface-inducing wobbler which incorporates dark and gritty sound design into the territories of 174BPM. With hope of live shows returning in 2021, ÔWomp MachineÕ is set to destroy dancefloors worldwide as Flava D proves once more her status as a bass music phenomenon. With over a decade of experience in the game, itÕs no surprise that Flava D has worked her way to becoming one of the most prolific and versatile artists amongst the bass music circuit. With a heavyweight selection of releases under her belt, including collaborations such as ÔSoul ShakeÕ with My Nu Leng, her ÔUKGÕ TQD album alongside Royal-T and DJ Q, as well as her more recent drum & bass smashers including ÔReturn To MeÕ which was selected as Annie MacÕs Hottest Record In The World, the Bournemouth-born and California-based producer shows no sign of slowing down. Things are only just heating up for Flava DÕs drum & bass journey!

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