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Hospital Records’ newest signing Winslow marks his debut solo release on the south-London imprint with his impeccable ‘Sandalwood Nights’ EP. Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, he’s flying the flag for drum & bass across the pond as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, music teacher and tea enthusiast who has quickly affirmed himself as 2021’s ‘one to watch’. With previous releases on Hospital, Soulvent and Goldfat, Winslow’s latest solo release marks the start of an exciting new chapter on his musical journey. ‘Everything & More’ sees the fusion of Winslow’s immaculate production alongside his own vocals, intertwined with the glorious harmonies of Pete Simpson who has previously appeared on Makoto’s recent much-loved anthem ‘Spread Love’, and the London Elektricity classic ‘Impossible To Say’. Inducing pure euphoria with uplifting chord progressions and light-hearted synth flourishes, Winslow’s fresh take on drum & bass is the perfect scene setter for the rest of the release. EP title-track ‘Sandalwood Nights’ sees Winslow explore his love for the deeper avenues of drum & bass. Eerie synth drones, off-beat bass wobs and a downpitched vocal sample create a dream-inducing atmosphere that transports the listener into a sonic realm of sharp and soulful soundscapes. The third and final track, ‘Snooze Button Roller’ is another classic embodiment of Winslow’s unique approach to creating music. Mind-bending vocal samples and powerful guitar licks swirl above rolling drumwork and a serious bassline. Winslow’s healthy selection of releases have garnered support from drum & bass staples like High Contrast, Mitekiss, Nu:Tone, Workforce, and Degs. Aside from music production Winslow also creates content for his popular Youtube channel that delves deeper into his musical technique, thought processes and influences. From playing in orchestras from the age of eight, Winslow’s strong penchant for melodies and rhythm has translated across into his drum & bass career, seeing him bag spots on UKF’s ‘Future Vision’ livestream as well as at Hospitality Weekend In The Woods in Beckenham Place Park this September. As Hospital Records excitedly welcome Winslow to the family, don’t sleep on him. This is only the beginning!

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