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BREAKING NEWS: ÔWINSLOW RETURNS WITH HIS 2ND EP ON HOSPITAL RECORDSÕ Flying the flag for the US drum & bass scene, Winslow returns with his second standalone release on south-London imprint Hospital Records - all hail the ÔBreaking NewsÕ EP. He was praised as 2021Õs Ôone to watchÕ after dropping previous releases on Soulvent, Pilot Records and Goldfat. Alongside his soulful debut ÔSandalwood NightsÕ EP, which showcased WinslowÕs refreshing take on drum & bass and his talent as a multi-instrumentalist. Drum & bass meets hip hop on the EP title track ÔBreaking NewsÕ. Winslow crafts a feel-good liquid pacer with crispy snares, dinging bells and a mighty drop. WinslowÕs flawless production ties in effortlessly with the rhymes and tales from Brooklyn born MC, T.R.A.C who is no stranger to delivering on D+B anthems. ÔMad In TentsÕ sees Winslow explore heavier and darker realms of drum & bass. Sombre chords, flirtatious synth work and punchy drum kicks create an intense hypnotising atmosphere that will transcend listeners into another world. The final track, ÔSupermarket 64Õ further affirms WinslowÕs genre-bending abilities. The track begins with acoustic drum work and luscious piano chords that sets the scene for a jazzy liquid number. However, Winslow plays in darker territories again switching to mangled basslines and heavy wobbles, this will be a delight for minimal drum & bass lovers. WinslowÕs immaculate catalogue and signature flair have seen him rack up support from the likes of Nu:Tone, London Elektricity, Mitekiss, Charlie Tee and UKF. Outside of the studio, Winslow stays booked and busy as a music teacher, YouTube content creator and music composer. On his YouTube channel, he delves into music production, his influences and musical technique. Winslow continues to up the levels...stay tuned for what he has in store for 2022.

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