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Your favourite interplanetary sound supplier is back with two brand new cuts, and arguably some of his best work to date - ‘Show Me The Light (feat. Kathy Brown)’ & ‘Tilted’. Debuting on Hospital Records in 2018 with ‘Bootstrap Bill’ shortly followed by ‘Chicken In A Spacesuit’ and his game-changing ‘If We Ever Remix’, Unglued continues to carefully craft his own brand of instantly identifiable drum & bass. Heralded for his electric DJ sets, distinctly discernible productions, and face-melting bass textures, Unglued continues to masterfully blend elements from a plethora of genres, including hardcore, motown and soul, to produce his own truly unique sound. 

Lead track ‘Show Me The Light’ incorporates vocals from legendary dance music vocalist Kathy Brown - her powerful, pleading vocals soaring against a backdrop of soul instrumentation, while familiar funk flavours are provided by both electric and bass guitar in the intro. Josh’s signature guttural bass-scapes and crunch-packed drums are everpresent on this sonic tidal wave of new-school meets nostalgia. 

‘Tilted’ is a soundsystem rattler, burgeoning with big beats and even bigger bassweight. The driving bassline and rolling beats culminate in a certified headbanger of a B-side ready to decimate the dancefloor right the way through festival season. 

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