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Renowned Austrian drum and bass duo, Camo & Krooked, are proud to announce the release of their 10th-anniversary remix project for their iconic "Zeitgeist" album. This milestone celebration pays homage to the album's unparalleled success, featuring a stellar lineup of remixes from some of the hottest names in the drum and bass scene right now. The original "Zeitgeist" album, released a decade ago, quickly established Camo & Krooked as leaders in the genre, receiving widespread acclaim. It showcased the duo's visionary production skills and their ability to push boundaries, resulting in a timeless collection of tracks that continue to inspire and energise listeners, producers and DJs alike around the world. The anniversary remix project features a selection of standout tracks, including the electrifying "Aurora (feat. Metrik) (Justin Hawkes Remix)" that takes the original to new heights with Justin Hawkes’ signature flair. The Blooom remix of “Faith” provides a fresh sonic injection on the melodic masterpiece, while "Ruhepuls (Grey Code Remix)" adds a deep and futuristic twist to the album's original vibe. Drum and bass royalty Emperor reimagines all-time classic "All Night" with his heavy-hitting style, delivering a powerful auditory experience that's set to captivate fans and ignite dancefloors. Camo & Krooked's "Zeitgeist" 10th-anniversary remix project is a testament to the enduring impact of the original album and a thrilling showcase of the genre's evolution. The release encapsulates a breathtaking journey for both long-time fans and newcomers, as these hand-picked acclaimed remix artists reinvent the classics for a new era of drum and bass enthusiasts.

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