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DOWNLOAD 4 tracks

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Drum & bass is often reassuringly structured and formulaic; tracks made up of beats, bars and phrases. These units of musical measure provide the foundations for MCs and vocalists alike to lay their souls on the line. Jaye ‘Siege’ Balmer has spent his life in the 16 and returns to Soulvent with another 4 track EP, underpinned by some stellar production, that further brandishes the hype-man’s ability to get lyrical.

Opening with a slew of varying hi-hats, ‘Drawn To Leave’ is an emotive tune that sees Siege reflect on his past in an introspective fashion. Calming keys and warm low end provide the perfect setting for these expressive musings.

‘Plastic People’ is a weighty club belter with punchy drums and simmering, twinkling synths. While the lyrics explore the idea that not everyone you meet is as they appear, Siege’s carefully crafted bars also complement the swelling bassline with the meticulous, ready-for-anything approach of a certain well seasoned international spy.

‘Wide Open’s rousing intro has all the hallmarks of a euphoric dancefloor banger and the infectious vocal hook will no doubt have you singing along within a few listens. A welcome melodic change of pace for the Bristolian bar slinger but an equally successful transition.

Last up, ‘Template’ colours outside the lines providing the grittier, tearout element of the EP. Smatterings of vocal intersperse the glitchy, pulsing soundscape on offer, producing a satisfying and hypnotic final product.

Come and get some insight into the life inside the 16, be shaken and stirred by Siege’s weaponized lyrics, released in all good stores and streaming services on 26th June.

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