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The Blacklab brothers Kariem and Kashim from Las Vegas, are back on Soulvent following up their 2018 single ‘Human Condition’. Clearly comfortable this side of the pond, this time they are doubling down with a lustrous 4 track EP entitled ‘Violet’ - which clearly reflects their varied and expansive sound. From the whimsical, laid back vibe of ‘Early Birds’ to the gritty underground feel of ‘Unreal’, there is certainly a little something for everyone with this debut EP from the Nevada natives.

Opener ‘Early Birds’ certainly catches the worm with crooning, siren-like vocals before dropping into an easy-listening groove backed by raspy saxophone and twinkling keys. A soft primer dripping with grace that sets the tone of what is to come.

Title track ‘Violet's tubular bells, rousing string plucks and calm tones provide a blooming soundscape for the bracing drum work to shine through. Another sublime piece of arpeggiated liquid from the American pair.

‘Columbia’s double bass instantly gets your toes tapping, developing into a moody mover of a tune. The bongo laden break has a distinctively vintage feel to it. Haunting atmospheres and swelling bass textures result in a track drenched in sophisticated, measured energy.

Finally, ‘Unreal’ comes to life with an ominous, techy intro. A high energy, shuffling break provides the platform for a ribcage shakingly powerful bass line that will find itself at home on both home and club systems alike.

Out in all good stores on the 7th of August, don’t sleep on these delicious desert vibes from Blacklab.

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