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DOWNLOAD 4 tracks

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Our fantastical Finnish duo that is of course Askel & Elere, or Juho Kavasto and Sainey Gibba, return with a flourish in the form of the 4-track ‘Glass’ EP. While the pair have been busy both individually and collectively, netting releases on Hospital, Fokuz and Delta9, we warmly welcome them back to Soulvent. Reprising 2019’s ‘Yeah Alright’ EP - the pair continue to evolve their slick and sophisticated sound, with this EP another clear indicator of the undoubtedly bright future ahead of them.

The title track ‘Glass’ is calm and inviting; the soft pads welcome low-passed drums and a firm hi-hat. The detuned climax is a luscious roller, providing a window into what is to come.

‘Envelop’ splashes open with screeching synths and digital noise. This thunderingly quiet build belches forth nothing short of a bowel-churning burst of driving low end and smooth vocal cuts, perfect for decimating any dance floor in your local vicinity.

The ever so interestingly dubbed ‘Groke’ chirrups to life with it’s gnarled topline sounding like a warped pizzicato string section. Warming rhodes, brisk breaks and a fluid sub bass frame this experimental number with both style and grace.

Rounding things off, ‘Twice’ is so nice they named it once, but you will need at least two listens to appreciate the mastery at work. Syncopated synths and misshapen, reversed vocals meet rumbling bass and collide amongst breaks caked in white noise.

Smashing into all good stores on the 4th of September, don’t miss this shatteringly smooth release from the hotly tipped pair that is Askel & Elere.

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