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Newton Abbot resident Bare Up aka Daniel Harwood has been producing electronic dance music in one form or another for the last 10 years. The young producer has a distinctive and recognisable style, composed of energetic, full-fat sounds, suspenseful compositions and firm measure of aural grit. With a back catalogue spanning an array of eye-catching labels including Informal, Radar, Pick ‘n’ Mix and of course Belgium's own Rampage. He bursts onto the Soulvent stage with a colossal 3-track EP titled ‘Not Slipping’. The British producer delivers a high octane glimpse into the vigorous nature of his musical output, featuring the vocals of a true veteran of the UK scene in the form of Harry Shotta.

Opener ‘Not Slipping’ doesn’t waste a second to get going, delivering electrifying, guitar-like synths and thundering, beefy drums straight out of the gate. All this bubbling energy provides a fitting home for Harry’s high-energy, machine gun grasp of the English language. The rousing words of the heavyweight-wordsmith's verse provide an anthemic quality to this fizzing, shape thrower of a track.

‘Bloom’ on the other hand begins as a slightly more subtle affair, with cascading keys and warm bass leading in big, brittle beats and a foreboding sense of unease. Delivering with his notably large approach to beats, the drop is a resonant assault on the senses and certainly not for the faint of heart!

Deftly decorated and carefully crafted, we’re thrilled to bring you this thunderous debut from one of Devon’s finest new-wave producers, sliding into all good stores on the 18th of June.

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